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ElectroWeak Workshop

The Scientific Impact and Feasibility of an Ultra-precise 12 GeV Moeller Experiment to Test the Standard Model
December 11-13, 2006
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA

Workshop Consensus Statement

The purpose of this workshop is to investigate the scientific impact of an ultra-precise measurement of the weak charge of the electron. Jefferson Laboratory after the 12 GeV upgrade has the potential to make a dramatically improved measurement of parity violation in Moeller scattering (e + e → e + e) due in part to the enormous integrated luminosity it can provide, the superior beam properties afforded by its continuous-wave superconducting RF linacs, and the accumulated experience of three previous generations of increasingly precise parity violation experiments.

In the context of the Standard Model, such a measurement should yield the best determination of sin2θW at low energy, and one of the best at any energy scale. As a new physics search such a measurement could have unparalleled sensitivity to new parity- violating e-e interactions, probing electron substructure to 29 TeV at the 95% CL. In terms of specific models, pulls of 6 sigma are allowed in R-parity violating SUSY, about 5 sigma in E6 Z', and almost 3 sigma in R-parity conserving SUSY. The latter makes an improved Moeller measurement complementary to searches for SUSY loop-induced Electric Dipole Moments. At the workshop the scientific case for a measurement as well as several conceptual designs of the required instrumentation will be discussed.

Workshop Contacts

Willem T.H. van Oers
Roger D. Carlini
David Mack