HPS 2017

HPS Collaboration
May 3-5, 2017
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

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The Heavy Photon Search (HPS) collaboration is making steady progress in both bump hunt and vertexing analyses of 2015, 1.05 GeV beam energy, and 2016, 2.3 GeV beam energy, engineering run data. At this collaboration meeting the first results from 100% of 2015 data will be shown. There will be an open session, lab-wide seminar devoted to presenting the 2015 bump-hunt result. We will discuss the path leading to our first physics publications from this data set.

Other important topics that will be on the agenda include: a discussion of the analysis of the 10% unblinded data set at 2.3 GeV from the 2016 run, the path forward for completion of the full analysis of this data, planned upgrades to HPS tracking and the trigger system in order to boost the HPS reach, and our plans and preparations for future runs. Collaboration business, including voting for new members of the Executive Committee, and new collaborators, will be conducted.

At the end of the meeting there will be a second lab-wide seminar, this one summarizing the current status of dark sector physics and searches for dark sector particles.

Remote Participation

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