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Hypernuclear Workshop

Hypernuclear Workshop
May 27-29, 2014
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA

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We invite the JLAB community, and other nuclear physicists, to a workshop May 27-29 2014 highlighting the hypernuclear physics research of Jefferson Laboratory.

In this decade, a series of experiments: E89-009, (Hall-C), E94-107 (Hall-A), E01-011 (Hall-C), E05-115 (Hall-C) studied from elementary electro-production of strangeness to medium-heavy hypernuclei upto A=52 and this new technique of hypernuclear spectroscopy by the (e,eK+) reaction was established at JLab.

In the workshop, we will discuss the hypernuclear physics experimentally as well as theoretically to explore future prospective:

1.      What is necessary to understand of the elementary process of electro-production of strangeness
2.      Experimental study of light hypernuclei and YN interaction including Charge Symmetry Breaking (CSB) effect and LN- SN-coupling.
3.      What can be learned from precise determination of L binding energies
4.      Deformation of core-nucleus and energy levels of L hypernuclei
5.      Detailed spectroscopy of heavy hypernuclei and potential impacts of measurement to mean-field theory, shell-models and single particle nature of L in deep inside of nuclei.
6.      Uniqueness of JLab hypernuclear program in contrast to other facilities such as J-PARC, Mainz, future FAIR

  Organizing Committee

O. Benhar
P. Bydzowsky
F. Garibaldi
P. Markowitz
J. Millener
S.N. Nakamura
B. Sherril
L. Tang