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Spin Structure at Long Distance

March 12-13, 2009
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA


The spin structure functions of the nucleon have been measured with great precision at large and moderate momentum transfer Q2. As we approach the much anticipated JLab 12 GeV upgrade, there remains a crucial part of the spin structure program that is incomplete at low Q2 (large light-cone distance). Data in this region are highly valuable for investigating fundamental properties of nucleon structure, such as the hyperfine splitting of the hydrogen atom and spin sum rules. Long distance also represents the region most suitable for applications of chiral effective theory. We intend to gather the field's experts for a workshop to raise awareness of this interesting physics, and to garner support from the community to ensure the successful completion of the remaining 6 GeV Spin Physics program.

This workshop is supported by the JSA Initiatives Fund, Jefferson Lab, and the University of New Hampshire.

Organizing Committee

A. Camsonne
J-P Chen
W. Melnitchouk
K. Slifer
S. K. Phillips