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Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting

"2008 JLab Users Group Meeting"
June 16-18, 2008
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA


Monday June 16, 2008

9:00 a.m.WelcomeRon Gilman, UGBoD, and Christoph Leemann
9:15GEp at 9 GeV2 and the Nucleon Form FactorsCharles Perdrisat, College of William & Mary
9:45Nucleon Structure FunctionsSebastian Kuhn, ODU
10:15Spin Structure of the NucleonZein-Eddine Meziani, Temple
11:00Physics Seminar: Standard Model Physics at the LHCTom LeCompte, Argonne National Lab
1:00 p.m.Accelerator-based Neutrino Physics: Not just oscillations any more!Janet Conrad, Columbia
1:45Outlook from DOEDr. Jehanne Simon-Gillo, DOE Office of Science for Nuclear Physics
 Outlook from DOEDr. B. Tippens, DOE Office of Science for Nuclear Physics
2:15Outlook from NSFDr. Bradley D. Keister, Physics Division, National Science Foundation
2:45The Political Outlook for ScienceMichael Lubell, APS
3:30Proton Spin ProblemFred Myhrer, So. Carolina
4:00TMDs and TransversityAlessandro Bacchetta, Jefferson Lab
4:30PDFs and SSAsJianwei Qiu, Iowa State
5:00Poster session / reception

Tuesday June 17, 2008

UGBoD Business Meeting
9:00 a.m.Users Group Activities and Issues (election results, PAC schedule, Initiatives Fund, Issues ...)Ron Gilman, UGBoD
9:45The status of JLab and the schedule for 6 GeVTony Thomas, Jefferson Lab
10:30ComputingRoy Whitney, Jefferson Lab
11:00Women in PhysicsLatifa Elouadrhiri, Jefferson Lab
11:30Hadronization and parton energy loss in pion productionKawtar Hafidi, Argonne National Lab
1:00 p.m.Neutron Star StructureJim Lattimer, Stony Brook
1:40Short Range CorrelationsLarry Weinstein, ODU
2:10Relativity and Three-body systemsCharlotte Elster, Ohio
2:55DVCS and Generalized Parton Distributions at JLabSilvia Niccolai, Orsay
3:25Hadron Form FactorsCraig Roberts, Argonne National Lab
3:55The G0 ExperimentFatiha Benmokhtar, Carnegie Mellon
4:25Is the Nucleon Modified in the Nuclear Medium?Steffen Strauch, South Carolina
4:55Lattice QCDKostas Orginos, College of William & Mary/JLab

Wednesday June 18, 2008

9:00 a.m.JLab Thesis Prize: PWA Results for $\omega$ PhotoproductionMike Williams
9:45JLab Thesis Prize:The nucleon at finite densityIan Cloet
10:45JSA Postdoctoral Prize: Quark-Gluon Correlations in the NeutronDr. Brad Sawatzky, Temple University
11:15Parity Violation and Physics Beyond the Standard ModelRoss Young, Argonne National Lab
11:45Results from the PrimEx ExperimentPawel Ambrozewicz, NC A&T State University
1:15 p.m.Introduction to the EICRoy Holt, Argonne National Lab
1:45Selected Physics Topics at EIC (ELIC)Antje Bruell, Jefferson Lab
2:15Status of the ELIC DesignYuhong Zhang
3:15Transition N-N* form factors from CLAS meson electroproduction dataVictor Mokeev, Jefferson Lab
3:45FROzen Spin Target in CLASEugene Pasyuk, Arizona State University
4:15Meson SpectroscopyPaul Eugenio, Florida State University
4:45Media Modification of Light Vector MesonsChaden Djalali, South Carolina