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Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting

"2010 JLab Users Group Meeting"
June 7-9, 2010
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA


Monday June 7, 2010

  Chair: Ron Gilman
9:00 a.m. Welcome Zein-Eddine Meziani, UGBoD
9:10 Neutrinos and Fundamental Symmetries: An Era of Discovery Robert McKeown (JLab)(Bonner Prize)
9:55 Jefferson Lab Hall D Physics Curtis Meyer, Carnegie Mellon U.
11:05 Exploring the Dark Universe Arkani-Hamed, Princeton
12:00 p.m.LUNCH BREAK
    Chair: Z.-E. Meziani
1:15 Outlook from NSF Allena Opper, Physics Division, NSF
1:45 Jefferson Lab Overview Hugh Montgomery
2:15 Postdoctoral Prize Simona Malace, S. Carolina U.
2:45 Transverse structure of the nucleon Leonard Gamberg, Penn State-Berks
    Chair: Paul Eugenio
3:35 Neutron Transversity Jian-Ping Chen JLab (2008, APS Fellow)
4:05 Polarized Solid Targets for 12 GeV at JLab Don Crabb, UVA (2009 APS Fellow)
4:35 Nucleon Form Factors Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, JLab (2009 APS Fellow)
5:05 Poster Session and Reception Chair: Katherine Myers

Tuesday June 8, 2010

  UGBoD Business Meeting  
9:00 a.m. Outlook from DOE Tim Hallman, Office of Science for Nuclear Physics, DOE
9:35 Users Group activities and issues (election results, presentation of Awards, PAC schedule, Initiatives Funds, Issues ...) Z.-E. Meziani
10:05 The 6 GeV schedule and PAC issues Larry Cardman, JLab
    Chair: Ioanna Niculescu
10:50 Computing Roy Whitney, JLab
11:05 Thesis Prize Daria Sokhan, Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Orsay
11:35 Nucleons, Instantons and Holography Ismail Zahed, Stony Brook
12:15 p.m.LUNCH BREAK
    Chair: Z.-E. Meziani
1:15 p.m. Obtaining Medical Assistance while at Jefferson Laboratory Dr. Chandler, Jlab MD
  EIC session Chair: Z.-E. Meziani
1:45 Workshop on Partonic Transverse Momentum in Hadrons (summary) Haiyan Gao, Duke Univ.
2:15 EIC Workshop: Electron-Nucleon Exclusive Reactions (summary) Ron Gilman, Rutgers Univ.
2:45 Workshop on Nuclear Chromo-Dynamic Studies with a Future EIC (summary) Kawtar Hafidi, Argonne National Lab
3:30 EIC-Electroweak Workshop (summary) Krishna Kumar, U Massachusetts
4:00 Workshop on Detector(s) for the EIC (summary) Charles Hyde, Old Dominion Univ.
4:30 Discussion  
5:30 Adjourn  

Wednesday June 9, 2010

  Chair: Nilanga Liyanage
9:00 a.m. GEP-III Thesis Prize Andrew Puckett, MIT
9:30 GEP-2gamma Mehdi Meziane, William and Mary
10:00 Results from G0 Colleen Ellis, University of Maryland
    Chair: Phil Cole
10:45 Modifications of hadrons in the nuclear medium - experimental overview Chaden Djalali, South Carolina Univ.
11:15 EMC Effect in Few-Body Nuclei Aji Daniel, Ohio Univ.
11:45 X>1 measurements Nadia Fomin, Univ. of Tennessee
12:15 p.m.LUNCH BREAK
  Chair: Andrei Afanasiev
1:15 Qweak Mark Dalton, University of Virginia
1:45 The Spin Structure Program with CLAS – latest results Angela Biselli, Fairfield Univ.
2:15 The Transverse Momentum Distribution Program - Status and Prospects Harut Avakian, JLab
2:45 Spin structure at long distance Karl Slifer, Univ. New Hampshire
  Chair: Patricia Solvignon
3:30 Low Q tagging and spectroscopy with CLAS12 Rafaella de Vita, INFN
4:00 Overview on the Electromagnetic production of open strangeness Mac Mestayer, JLab
4:30 Bonus experiment results Svyatoslav Tkachenko, University of South Carolina
5:00 GEN results and the exciting future of He-3 targets Gordon Cates, UVA
5:30 Adjourn