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Women in Science and Engineering

Women in Science and Engineering Workshop
November 16, 2009
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The under-representation of women in physics and engineering disciplines has been widely discussed in academia, national laboratories and government. At Jefferson Lab we are committed to increasing women in the pipeline by sponsoring effective educational, mentorship and research opportunities for young people as well as to retaining women staff and users in these disciplines by improving the working environment whenever possible.

We are very excited to host the first Jefferson Lab Workshop on "Women in Science and Engineering", to be held November 16, 2009. The goal of the workshop is to discuss strategies, existing programs, and practical measures to increase participation of women and girls in science and engineering at Jefferson Lab, with the goal that we can contribute to this dialogue at the national level. During the workshop we plan to discuss the barriers to the education, recruiting, progression and retention of women in science and engineering as well as strategies and practical measures to improve the current situation. The Workshop brings together men and women from academia, national labs and government who are interested in learning more about these issues, sharing their experience and perspective, identifying barriers and implementing suggestions for effective change.

Topics Include:

Organizing Committee:

Latifa Elouadrhiri (chair) - Jefferson Laboratory
Gail Dodge - Old Dominion University
Dianne Napier - Jefferson Laboratory

Support for this workshop is provided by the Jefferson Science Associates Initiative Fund and by Jefferson Laboratory.