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Administrative Manual - 207 Leaves of Absence

207.08 Other Paid Leave


    JSA recognizes that certain other types of paid administrative leave are required to: support civic involvement by its employees, lessen the impact of public and weather emergencies on its employees, and provide a short period of paid time off for employees who make significant sacrifices of personal time for which they are otherwise uncompensated.

    1. Search and Rescue or Disaster Control

      A regular or term employee working a schedule of 20 hours per week or more who performs search and rescue or disaster control work as a member of an organized civil unit may be granted work time off with pay to participate in an actual operation. Leave with pay shall not be granted for training, drills, or practice exercises. The Human Resources Manager or his/her designee is the approval authority for all requested leave for search and rescue or disaster control work.

    2. Community Service Volunteers

      In support of an organized volunteer effort sponsored by local, not-for-profit, charitable organizations, the Director may designate one day per year as a community service day. Each employee, up to a maximum of 20 employees per year, who works that day as a community service volunteer may be authorized administrative leave with pay for the day. The employees' supervisors, with the prior concurrence of the Human Resources Manager, approve all paid leave for Community Service Volunteers.

    1. General

      Any employee may be granted time off with pay during a public emergency which effectively prevents attendance at work or the continuation of work in a normal and orderly manner. A public emergency may be either a natural disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc.) or a man-made disorder (demonstration, riot, act of sabotage, etc.). Authorization for time off with pay for such emergencies shall be made by the Director, the Chief Operating Officer, or their designee. The Human Resources Manager shall publish guidance on time reporting immediately following a public emergency.

    2. Weather Emergency

      The most common type of public emergency experienced at the Lab is a weather emergency which seriously affects employees' ability to get to or from work. Even when a weather emergency is not severe enough to force the closure of the facility, it may necessitate either an early dismissal or late start, or both, for nonessential employees. Employees may make a personal decision considering safety first on when to come to or leave work during a weather emergency. These decisions should be based on an employee's judgment regarding their ability to get to or from work safely (i.e. road conditions). A personal emergency related to weather (i.e. a tree falls on your house) is not covered by weather emergency leave.

      1. Designation of Nonessential Employees

        Associate Directors/Office heads will designate essential employees for their organization. Those not so designated will be considered nonessential.

      2. Eligibility for Paid Leave
        1. All employees that accrue leave are eligible for paid leave in the event of a weather emergency.
        2. Part-time employees will receive paid leave only for those hours they were scheduled to work.
        3. Only nonessential employees who are at work and remain at work until the designated time of closing will be granted paid emergency leave during an early dismissal situation.
        4. When an official late start has been declared, nonessential employees will receive up to a maximum of three hours of paid emergency leave, subject to their supervisor's approval. The Jefferson Lab Public Affairs Manager is responsible for announcing official late starts and lab closures. Official announcements will be distributed through several internal communications modes, the lab's website ( and will also be shared with the local news media.
      3. Employee Responsibilities
        1. Employees who, on their own, decide that weather conditions preclude their attendance or require their early departure may take vacation leave (or leave without pay if no vacation accrual is available) as long as it is coordinated with their supervisor.
        2. Employees who fail to meet their regular work schedule because of a personal decision regarding weather conditions shall take vacation leave (or leave without pay if no vacation accrual is available) for all hours not worked if they report to work after the designated late start time or leave before the designated early closing time.
      4. Guidance on Time Reporting

        The Human Resources Manager shall issue guidance on time reporting immediately following each weather emergency situation.

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