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Diversity & Inclusion at JLab


How we're different

Diversity Programs in other organizations are not so different at first glance. However, closer scrutiny brings several differences to light. Some are primarily compliance-driven and seek only to meet predetermined goals for underrepresented groups such as women and minorities. Others are strong on fa├žade; with eye-catching web pages, multiple committees, affinity groups, and various events, but not always with an obvious connection to accomplishing the organization's mission. A few focus on using their Diversity Programs to enhance mission accomplishment and, at the same time, encourage a more diverse workforce. With our small size and focused mission, we cannot afford a program with broad scope and abstract ideals whose goals and objectives exist apart from the conduct of our day-to-day operation.

One of the first things any Diversity Program should do is define what diversity means to that organization.  According to the dictionary, the noun "diversity" can mean:

We are concerned with people; and people differ in a variety of ways. Which differences matter?

The differences that matter to us are those that may affect scientific communication/collaboration, such as gender, ethnic background (home country, interpersonal taboos, etc,) , language skill, generation, and type of job/professional credentials.