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No Liquids or Gels on Flights - 8/10/06 August 2006
Passenger Receipts for Airline Ticketing - 4/30/07 May 2007
Saturday Night Stay Airfare Justification May 2005
Southwest now has 24 hour online checkin-9/22/05 September 2005
Airport Parking Reimbursement - 6/7/06 June 2006
JSA required on Expense Reports - 11/27/06 November 2006
Mileage Rate for 2006 - 1/6/06 January 2005
Receipts for Travel expenses June 2005
Requesting Travel Expense Receipts June 2005
Driving Distances - EUROPE 8/2/06 August 2006
Estimated Cost Worksheet August 2005
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FOREIGN VISA's VIA THE WEB - 12/16/08 December 2008
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Meal Deduction Change - 12/20/05 December 2005
Non-US Citizen Travel Approval - UPDATE March 2005
Passport Laws Change for Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean April 2005
Passport Requirements in Western Hemisphere - 11/27/06 November 2006
Review and Approval form changes January 2005
Russia Travel Blackout - 4/20/06 April 2006
Travel to a foreign country for 30 days or more - 1/15/09 Janurary 2009
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Cell Phone ban in Chicago July 2005
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Lab Insurance Renewal January 2005
Mileage Reimbursement Raised 8 cents - 9/14/05 September 2005
My Travel Rights July 2005
NEW Account Code for Travel - Workshop Support May 2005
NEW Account Code - Travel - Consultants May 2005
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Travel Services Staff Shortage - 5/9/07 May 2007
Travel Vendor Fair - 10/16/06 October 2006
Travel approval needed - 1/4/06 January 2006
UPDATED - Travel Authorization Help Tutorial May 2005
Visitor Activation in JLIST - 6/5/06 June 2006
Taxi Service to Airport August 2005
Passports Required in North America - 8/11/06 August 2006
Terrorist Threat Level Raised after London Bombing on 7/7/05 July 2005
Best Western - NEW PROPERTY-3/27/06 March 2006
Hotels are Pre-validating Credit Cards - 10/25/05 October 2005
Lodging Reservations April 2005
Lodging at FedRooms Rate - 4/27/06 April 2006
New Lodging Property in Newport News August 2005
Non-direct bill Lodging reservations for visitors - 3/29/06 March 2006
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Conference Meals Provided - 1/27/06 January 2006
Domestic Lodging Rate Changes April 2005
Per Diem Rate Changes - 2/1/06 January 2006
Per Diem Rates Change in Newport News-9/12/05 September 2005
Per Diem Rates for FY07 - 8/2/06 (8/11 UPDATE) August 2006
What is a continental breakfast? - 3/23/06 March 2006
Security October 2004
Avis Rental Car Rates April 2005
Expended Delays at Car Rental Counters May 2005
Rental Car Contractor Change - 12/11/06 December 2006
RATE INCREASE February 2005
REVISED Foreign Visitor Stipend Request form April 2005
Stipend Rate Increase February 2005
Nicholas Travel Service Charge change April 2005
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Profiles provide Information October 2004
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Cash Advance Fee Update - 10/1/06 May 2007
Federal Tax Reporting on Visitors June 2005
IRS Form W-8, W-9 & 8233 Requirements February 2005

No Current Travel News

Stay tuned as more travel news will be posted soon.


Rental Cars

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS ON RENTAL CARS According to National Rental Car, only one driver needs to be listed as an official driver when the vehicle is direct bill to the Lab and ALL drivers are on official Jlab business. Avis Rental Car, may require all drivers be listed as official drivers under the same circumstances. In either case, there is no charge from the rental car agency for additional Jlab drivers. This does not include a spouse or other driver who is not on official Lab business.


Flight tracking website - 3/29/06

There is a website where every flight in the USA is tracked. You can find out the ETA of a flight or learn of possible delays. The website is FLIGHTAWARE.COM. It is suggested you include this site information with the travel documents given to traveler's before they depart the Lab on a trip.

Fly America Waiver Checklist

As a DOE Contractor that receives funding from the US Government Jefferson Lab is required to abide by the provisions of the Fly America Act. In order to ensure we are in compliance foreign traveler's desiring to fly on Non-US Air carriers must submit a completed Fly America Waiver Checklist to Travel Services before a Non-US Air carrier airline ticket can be purchased. The checklist is located on the Travel website under the 'FOREIGN TRAVEL' tab, in the section titled REQUEST FORMS and INSTRUCTIONS.

Independence Air suspends service to NORFOLK

Independence Air has announced they will suspend service into ORF effective June 1, 2005. The airline spokes person reported the decision to eliminate the service came because the short distance between Norfolk and Dullas did not provide enough market share to produce a profit. Nicholas Travel reports none of JLab's traveler's are affected by the decision. However, with no competition United Express will probably waste no time increasing the airfare on their service to Dullas.

No Liquids or Gels on Flights - 8/10/06

NO LIQUIDS OR GELS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED IN CARRY-ON BAGGAGE. ITEMS MUST BE IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. This includes all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency. Exception: Baby formula, breast milk, or juice if a baby or small child is traveling; prescription medicine with a name that matches the passenger's ticket; and insulin and essential other non-prescription medicines. For more information go to

Passenger Receipts for Airline Ticketing - 4/30/07

Effective 4/30/07 passenger receipts will no longer be issued from our contract travel agency. Traveler's should be sure they have a copy of their final itinerary when flying in case changes are necessary. Expense Reports will require a copy of the final invoice (itinerary) with the airfare and fees noted as an original receipt for all future submissions.

Saturday Night Stay Airfare Justification

There has been discussion regarding departures on Saturday for an event that starts on Monday. Airlines have removed the Saturday night stay restriction in order to obtain a less expensive airfare. It is rare you will find a better airfare for flying on Saturday than on Sunday. If your traveler takes advantage of such a savings be sure Nicholas Travel notes it on the final itinerary which should be highlighted and attached to the expense report along with the appropriate Cost Savings Justification (Exhibit 402.08). There are other justifications that will allow for departure on Saturday for events that officially start on Monday. For example, if a pre-event or registration is scheduled on Sunday before 6:00pm or the traveler has arranged to meet with participants from another Lab on Sunday before the event starts on Monday. To avoid delays in processing the expense report be sure to document the Saturday departure justification in the Notes section on the travel authorization.

Southwest now has 24 hour online checkin-9/22/05

Great news! Now travelers can check in for their Southwest flight and print their boarding pass online beginning 24 hours prior to their scheduled flight. That means no more waking up at midnight to check in and print a boarding pass! To use this new feature, please visit, click on "Travel Center" and select "Check In Online/Print Boarding Pass" under "Air."


Airport Parking Reimbursement - 6/7/06

When parking overnight, short-term airport parking shall not be utilized (Admin Manual 402-03, B2.a.3). Short-term lots are those that are within walking distance of the terminal when lots offering free shuttle service to the terminal are available. Hourly, Valet, and short-term parking fees are reimbursed at the lowest parking rate offered at the airport. (Example: Norfolk Airport's lowest rate is $7 p/d for garage parking; Richmond Airport's lowest rate is $6 p/d for economy lot parking with shuttle service 24/7.)

JSA required on Expense Reports - 11/27/06

REMINDER: In order to assure travel reimbursements are being paid from the correct bank account the acronym SURA needs to be crossed out and replaced with JSA on the expense report form . . . .

Mileage Rate for 2006 - 1/6/06

The GSA mileage rate for 2006 is .445 cents per mile. The rate is effective with travel on or after 1/1/2006. Our web listing and the TA progam will be updated as quickly as possible. Example: If your traveler left on 12/30/2005 and drove to Washington DC the mileage will be calculated at .485 cents per mile for their trip up to DC. Their trip home on 1/3/2006 will be calculated at .445 cents per mile. Questions on this change should be directed to Carol Kinsey at ext. 7519.

Receipts for Travel expenses

Requests for receipts should be made with the vendor by the Coordinator. To request a lodging receipt call the lodging property directly. The lodging property phone number is on the traveler's itinerary. For a rental car receipt call the rental car company directly. For National call 1-800-468-3334, if you do not have the Rental Agreement number you will need the Traveler's name, pick-up date and pick-up location. Receipts should be faxed or emailed directly to the Coordinator and attached to the ER along with a 'Missing Original Receipt Form'.

Requesting Travel Expense Receipts

Receipts for Lodging should be requested from the lodging property directly. The lodging properties phone number is on the traveler's itinerary. It should be faxed directly to the Coordinator and attached to the ER along with a 'Missing Original Receipt Form'. Receipts for Rental Cars should also be requested directly from the rental car company. To request a receipt from National call 1-800-468-3334, you will need the Traveler's name, pick-up date and pick-up location if you do not have the RA#.


Driving Distances - EUROPE 8/2/06

COMING SOON - - - There will be a change to the menu option on the Travel Home Page. The "Driving Distances from Rand McNally" title will be changed to Driving Distances - USA/CANADA. There will be a new "Driving Distances - EUROPE" option added to the list just above the one for the USA.

Estimated Cost Worksheet

On August 9, 2005 the following announcement was sent to Coordinators: Many of the cost estimates on the Request for Foreign Travel paperwork have been very low. This has required the trips be re-approved by the Lab and DOE (when a major conference or sensitive country is involved) after the trip has been completed and the expense report is filed. As a result, the Lab Director is requiring the cost estimates be itemized to ensure that all cost factors are being taken into consideration. The attached Estimated Cost Worksheet is to be completed and attached to the Request for Foreign Travel behind Section II for all foreign travel requests. The worksheet is now available on the Travel webpage under the Foreign Travel tab. We will have the Request for Foreign Travel updated as quickly as possible to incorporate the worksheet.

Foreign Country entry notification - 4/3/06

Effective this month the individual Labs that report to the Office of Science will be required to notify the US embassy in a foreign country where we will be traveling. The notification must be sent at least 10 days before the travel start date. No reply from the embassy is necessary unless the entry is being denied. In the past, entry notification was not required to non-sensitive countries and the State Department sent the wires requesting entry a sensitive and/or terrorist country. What does this change mean to the JLab traveler? After hours hotel/lodging information at the destination and a telephone number must be noted on the Request for Foreign Travel. If this information is not provided, an International Cell phone number can be used. Without this information the entry notification email can not be sent from Travel Services and the final foreign travel approval could be delayed.

Foreign Travel Request Change - 9/11/06

Effective immediately the social security number is no longer required in Section I of the Request for Approval of Foreign Travel. If the SS# is included be sure the paperwork is hand carried to Travel Services in a sealed envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL.


When a foreign Visa is needed by a JLab traveler there is a service called TDS (TRAVEL DOCUMENTS SERVICE, INC) located in Washington, DC that will take documents to the embassy and get the Visa. The process is described on their website"".

EXAMPLE: Travel to China

1- Print the Visa Application Form.
2- Get Passport-style photographs.
3- Complete cover page and credit card authorization.
4- Fed Ex all documents, including passport, to the address on the website -

Regular processing for a visa to China will take about 4 business days.
TDS comes highly recommended by a local company who uses their service on a regular basis.

International Travelers Entering the United States - 1/3/10

If you travel to or from Canada to the U.S., please read the new 'no carry-on rule' Canadian authorities temporarily put into effect.  Click Here.

What does this mean if you fly into Canada with carry-on luggage and then take a direct flight back to the U.S.?  Who knows?  The CATSA statement isn't clear - Here is their explanation - The best way to help the screening process is to carry as little as possible through the security checkpoint.  Passengers are not allowed to bring any carry-on bags on flights to the United States.  Passengers travelling within Canada and internationally, are still permitted two carry-on bags (although to make the screening process most efficient, fewer carry on items is preferred).

These rules will be strictly enforced during this period. There will be no flexibility.

Click Here for the Statement from the TSA

For starters, expect more showy tactics at security checkpoints everywhere. Since the failed attack on Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day, security screeners are going to check over more of your carry-on belongings and make more claims about what may or may not be permitted. You'll certainly have to leave more time to clear security checkpoints starting today.

Expect more secondary screenings and pat-downs, too. This is likely to be random. On flights departing to the United States, assume secondary screenings and pat-downs will be standard for every passenger.

In-flight on international itineraries, expect some flight crews to make you stay in your seat during the last hour or so of flying. Expect others to take away your blankets or restrict your access to your carry-on bags. These procedures are no longer demanded by the TSA--the agency backed off that late last week--but the TSA has empowered crews to enforce these restrictions if they wish. Most flight crews are NOT playing this game. But if you run into a flight attendant who does, be smart: Don't argue. You won't win.

In-flight on international itineraries, expect some flight crews to make you stay in your seat during the last hour or so of flying. Expect others to take away your blankets or restrict your access to your carry-on bags. These procedures are no longer demanded by the TSA--the agency backed off that late last week--but the TSA has empowered crews to enforce these restrictions if they wish. Most flight crews are NOT playing this game. But if you run into a flight attendant who does, be smart: Don't argue. You won't win.

One substantive change implemented tonight by the TSA has to do with routings from or through countries the United States has branded sponsors of terrorism or nations the U.S. has decided are "of interest." If your itinerary includes any of these states, expect several layers of intrusive security, including inane questioning, obsessive attention to your carry-on and checked bags and pat-downs or other physical inspections of your person.

Which nations are involved? Well, TSA isn't saying.  But we can infer these states, at least, are targeted: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

One final and important warning: Many international carriers have imposed a one-carry-on-bag rule in recent days because the new security screening and caused long lines at checkpoints. And one nation, Canada, has officially banned ALL carry-on bags on flights to the United States for an undetermined time limit.  That's right, ZERO carry-on bags if you are coming from Canada into the United States. You can examine that insane rule, imposed by Canada's equivalent of the TSA, here: Canadian TSA Rule.

Check with your carrier for its current rules for carry-ons. Assume nothing.

Now you can ask the obvious question: Would any of these new rules have actually stopped the so-called Underwear Bomber from boarding NW Flight 253?

Until we know the full effect these new rules will have - leave yourself more than enough time to get through airport security as these measures may slow down screening at domestic airports

Meal Deduction Change - 12/20/05

Effective January 1, 2006 the meal deduction for lunch in a foreign country will be 25% instead of the 20% we have charged in the past. Please make a note of this change and be sure to calculate the deduction correctly. The web is being updated to reflect this change.

Non-US Citizen Travel Approval - UPDATE

Question 13A of the Request for Approval of Foreign Travel addresses whether the traveler, who is not a U.S. Citizen, will require a new Visa to return to the United States. The request form and instructions for completion have been updated to indicate this question should be answered by the Visa/Immigration Administrator. Consequently, once the request has been completed and signed by the preparer and traveler it should be forwarded to Sue Ewing in the JLab Registration/International Services Office at MS12B. She will complete question 13A, sign the approval page and forward the request to Travel Services (TS). TS will review the request and obtain additional approval signatures as required. Please allow up to 5 business days to obtain approval for a non-sensitive country, not major conference request. Sensitive Country and/or Major Conference requests may not be approved until days before the travel is to begin.

Passport Laws Change for Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean

Earlier this week the Department of State announced another measure to keep terrorists from crossing the borders into the United States. Passports will be required at all points of entry from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. We have been informed by DOE the new travel initiative requirement will be rolled out in phases, providing as much advance notice as possible to the affected public to enable them to meet the terms of the new guidelines. The proposed timetable is: o December 31, 2005 - Passport or other accepted document required for all travel (air/sea) to or from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central and South America. o December 31, 2006 - Passport or other accepted document required for all air and sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada. o December 31, 2007 - Passport or other accepted document required for all air, sea and land border crossings.

Passport Requirements in Western Hemisphere - 11/27/06

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Department of State announced the official requirement for citizens of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda to present a passport to enter (or re-enter) the United States when arriving by air from any part of the Western Hemisphere beginning January 23, 2007. Travel by land or sea will not require a passport until January 2008. United States citizens can visit the State Department's travel Web site, or call the U.S. National Passport Information Center: (877) 4USA-PPT; TDD/TTY: (888) 874-7793. Additionally, instructions for obtaining a passport are available through the U.S. Postal Service: Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing of the passport application. If you need to travel urgently and require a passport sooner, please visit for additional information.

Review and Approval form changes

The Request for Foreign Travel has been updated to reflect changes in the review and approval process. All requests from an individual who has a non-US Passport must be sent to the International Liaison Manager (Shauna Cannella, Support Service Center, 57A, ext. 5393). Additionally, requests must be sent to Travel Services for review before they are approved by the Supervisor, AD or Lab Director.

Russia Travel Blackout - 4/20/06

The DOE Moscow Office has been informed by Embassy Moscow that there will be a travel blackout to Moscow and St. Petersburg for the period June 20 - July 20 due to the G-8 summit in St. Petersburg. Currently we do not have anyone projected to travel to Russia this summer. Please keep this blackout period in mind should that situation change.

Travel to a foreign country for 30 days or more - 1/15/09

Since 2004 the State Department has required individuals traveling to a foreign country for 30 days or more on official government business to complete a S.A.F.E. (Serving Abroad for Family and Employees) training course. The JLab foreign travel policy (Admin. Manual 402-02) has been revised to include this requirement. Before the US Embassy will grant clearance to enter the country the country clearance cable request must note this training has been completed.

The course consists of 2 parts - a 2-day classroom session in Washington, D.C. (MQ-911), and an on-line portion (PN-113). Course cost for non-State Dept employees (MQ-911) is $315 - (estimated travel expenses $900) - (PN-113) currently costs $100.

For more information or to register for this training go to the Department of State website, at:


Administrative Manual Changes - 7/21/06

The Admin Manual section 402.03 has been updated. Please take some time to read this section and note the changes under A. General, Reservations and Lost or Missing Receipts. Also B. Transportation, reimbursing a visitor for airfare. Questions, concerns or comments should can be address with the Travel Supervisor.

Archived messages since September 2004

On the NEWS tab of the Travel website there is a new option under the Newsletter section on the left to view all archived messages that have appeared on the website since it was created. As with the archived Newsletters these announcements can provide useful information when searching for changes in travel policies, procedures or practices. Let us know if you find the archived messages helpful.

Cell Phone ban in Chicago

Effective July 8, 2005, the City of Chicago has banned the use of hand held cell phones while driving a vehicle. If you are caught on a cell phone without a wired or wireless headset you will be fined from $50 to $200. Both O'Hare and Midway Airports are on Chicago City property. For more information log on to the website.

Conference Approvals - 10/16/06

Effective November 1, 2006 JLab can submit conference approval requests to our Site Office 60 days before a conference start date. We have been advised that ALL requests received with LESS then the 60 day lead will be denied. NO MAYBE ABOUT IT!

Lab Insurance Renewal

The Lab's insurance carrier for auto and worker's compensation changed effective 1/1//05. The Insurance Information for Traveler's and the JLab Emergency Travel Information have been updated on the web to reflect the change in carrier, policy number and expiration date. If your traveler's would like a hard copy of either of these documents they can be obtained through Travel Services.

Mileage Reimbursement Raised 8 cents - 9/14/05

The GSA raised the private owned vehicle (POV) mileage reimbursement to 48.5 cents per mile yesterday. The new rate is retroactive to September 1, 2005. All travel by POV from September 1,2005 forward should use the new rate. If an expense report for travel on or after September 1 has already been submitted with the 40.5 cent mileage reimbursement rate it will be recalculated using the new rate. If a traveler has already been reimbursed for travel that took place on or after Sept. 1, the additional mileage reimbursement will be paid during the next week either by check or through petty cash.

My Travel Rights

We have a new addition to the Travel Home page called MY TRAVEL RIGHTS. One example of what can be found on the website is Airline Rule 240, which spells out exactly where and when each airline will provide meal vouchers, lounge passes, free phone calls, hotel accommodations, cash payments, and tickets on other airlines in the event of delays, cancellations, or missed connection. There is also information on Hotel & Car Rental travel rights as well as cruise, tour and rail. Check out the website, there is a lot of interesting and helpful legal rights information.

NEW Account Code for Travel - Workshop Support

Finance is adding a new account code to the Travel Authorization drop down menu. It should be available by the end of this week. The code 45-217 is to be utilized when Jefferson Lab has offered to provide support to a non SURA sponsored conference by paying travel related expenses for conference participants rather than a lump sum contribution.

Travel expenses for JLab employees and Lab visitors would generally be charged against DOE funds unless otherwise requested by the conference committee. Should you have any question regarding the use of this code do not hesitate to contact your Division Administrator or Carol in TS.

NEW Account Code - Travel - Consultants

Account code 45-211 was added to allocate a consultants travel to the appropriate account. Using this account when creating the TA for a consultant will help track this type of costs better. The code should be available on Monday, 5/9/05. If you have questions on the use of this code contact Carol in TS.


The below news announcements are REPRINTS.


Travel Services will host a Travel Vendor Fair on January 6, 2005 in the Cebaf Center Lobby from 10:00am - 1:30pm. Representatives from Norfolk Airport, Newport News Airport, National Rental Car, Nicholas Travel (business & leisure divisions), Microtel, Comfort Inn, Omni Hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites, Candlewood Suites and the Residence Facility will be here to discuss their services and answer your travel questions. Refreshments will be served 10:00am and noon, with drawings at 1:15pm. Email this announcement to co-workers, Lab traveler's and visitors that are currently on-site.

Travel Alert

Each week a travel alert email is being sent to JLab traveler's who will be going on business travel the upcoming week. The email includes information on dealing with conjestion at airports this summer and other travel matters such as where to locate the MY TRAVEL RIGHTS website. If you are interested in receiving a copy contact Carol by email and just say "SEND TRAVEL ALERT" in the subject line.

Travel Services Staff Shortage - 5/9/07

REMINDER: Jan McPherson retired in April. Her last day was 4/21/07. Until our new person starts on 5/29/07 there is only one person in Travel Services performing expense report audits and preparing vouchers for prepayments (such as registration fees) and cash advances. Until we can get the new person started PLEASE do not submit any last minute requests for checks without speaking with Carol at x7519 or Pam at x5370 first. Last minutes requests are those that are submitted less than 3 days before a check is required.

Travel Vendor Fair - 10/16/06

The Second Annual Travel Vendor Fair will be held on November 7, 2006 in the CC Atrium from 11am - 2pm. Plan to join us for refreshments at noon, prize drawings at 1:30 and an opportunity to talk with airport management, airline representatives, car rental management, or contract travel agency, CI Travel (formerly Nicholas Travel) and many of our local lodging property sales people. Ask questions and gain insight into enhancements and exciting changes being made in our local travel markets and by their venues.

Travel approval needed - 1/4/06

In the Lab Director's message of 1/4/06 on Steps to Achieving FY06 Budgets, a new policy will take effect immediately. All non-local travel where only mileage will be reimbursed must receive COO approval before a TA is completed or any travel arrangements can be made. A guideline to meeting this requirement will be distributed to Coordinators and Administrators on January 5. Questions should be directed to the Travel Supervisor at x7519.

UPDATED - Travel Authorization Help Tutorial

Recently there has been questions concerning JLIST entries and splitting POA's on the Travel Authorization. To ensure we have the latest information on our TA help tutorial it was reviewd and updated where needed. BE AWARE, this tutorial is available to help with questions that arise on the Travel Authorization form. It can be accessed from the Main TA System menu - last option on the menu [Help (tutorial)], or from the TA form itself (bottom of form-HELP box). Please refer to the tutorial when there is a question. If the topic is not listed in the Table of Content or you are able to get the answer you seek do not hesitate to contact Travel Services for assistance.

Visitor Activation in JLIST - 6/5/06

Visitor's who have a record in JLIST but are flagged with a status of INACTIVE must have JRIS change their statis to ACTIVE before a Travel Authorization (TA) can be created for their visit. When realizing the visitor name is not displayed on the TA traveler list check JLIST to be sure the visitor is in the system . If a record is displayed showing INACTIVE in the upper corner contact Sue Ewing at ext. 7687 to request that the visitor record be updated with valid dates on site so the visitor record can be returned to ACTIVE status.


Taxi Service to Airport

By popular demand we have contracted with Associated Cabs to provide direct bill service for JLab employees and visitors to Newport News Airport at a one-way fare of $9.00 for up to 4 people. Early morning pick-ups from the Lab or near-by locations must be requested no later than 4pm the day before service is required. Week-end pick-ups must be requested no later than 4pm on Friday afternoon. Business hour requests must be made at least one hour before pick-up is desired. Direct bill reservations can only by placed by Linda Waynick or one of the other agents at Nicholas Travel. Travel Services can place the reservation in an emergency. Be sure to give Linda the exact point of pick-up (i.e., Bldg. 28, main entrance) the passenger's name and a TRIP NUMBER.


Passports Required in North America - 8/11/06

The Departments of State and Homeland Security today announced and submitted for public comment the air and sea phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative to secure and expedite travel. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative will require all U.S. citizens, Canadian citizens, citizens of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, and Mexican citizens, to have a passport or other designated secure document (not a driver's license or birth certificate) to enter or re-enter the United States at airports and seaports by January 8, 2007.

Terrorist Threat Level Raised after London Bombing on 7/7/05

The Department of Homeland Security announced at 11:45am Eastern today (Thursday-7/7/05) that the threat level has been raised to Code Orange for transportation around the nation. This will have an IMMEDIATE impact on how we travel in the current days. Some things to look for: 1) Airports may refuse to allow vehicles to approach departure or arrival terminals and may force all drop-offs and pick-ups to a remote area. 2) Close-in parking near terminals may be closed. 3) Curbside check-in may be suspended. 4) There could be more intensive and time-consuming security screening and a sharp increase in the number of passengers chosen for secondary screening. 5) At Amtrak rail stations, more rigorous checks of identification and more intensive spot-checks of carry-on bags should be expected. Call your carrier or check airline, airport and rail Web sites before you travel. And leave extra time to get to the airport and get to your flight. We're all out of practice on these enhanced security measures and progress will be slow.


Best Western - NEW PROPERTY-3/27/06

The Best Western has just opened their doors for business. They are located behind the Wendy's on Jefferson Ave. Jefferson Lab has negotiated a $64 year round rate, to start immediately. All rooms are mini-suites with a living room, refrigerator, microwave and high speed internet. A direct billing to the Lab is available. For reservations call 952-1182.

Hotels are Pre-validating Credit Cards - 10/25/05

Special alert concerning a new trend started last week. Our travel agency uses the credit card number from the travelers profile when reserving a hotel room. The hotels are starting to pre-validating the credit cards prior to the hotel stay. Rooms are being canceled if the credit card is declined. To avoid problems for JLab travelers: (1) Update travel agencys profile information with new credit card numbers and/or expiration dates. (2) Be sure enough credit remaining on the card or the reservation could be canceled without notification. Travel Coordinators who have travelers that do not check this webpage should be sure their travelers are aware of this new trend.

Lodging Reservations

Recently the Lab saved over $2,000 in one week on lodging costs at conference hotels by booking through Nicholas Travel. Making official JLab business travel lodging reservations through our contract travel agency can also save your Division money. The Lab has special, often below Government per diem, rates at lodging properties near other Laboratories and Nicholas Travel has special rates with properties throughout the country. Whether staying at a conference hotel or visiting another Lab our travel agency can meet or beat the best published rates at off-site lodging properties. Additionally, knowing where you are staying can expedite notification of airline flight changes. Give it a try, let Linda at Nicholas Travel make your next lodging reservation.

Lodging at FedRooms Rate - 4/27/06

We have just received a message from GSA concerning lodging rates for Government carrying a 25% over government per diem rate charge. — FedRooms is the official government-wide, government-approved lodging program created to make federal travel easier. Rooms at the FedRooms Rate can be found at leading hotels, and meet all per diem and FEMA requirements. Plus, the program ensures protection from hidden fees frequently attached to unmanaged rates. But travelers have to ask for the FedRooms Rate by name - the hotel's "government" rate doesn't give the same guarantees. — Use the website for qualifying hotels.

New Lodging Property in Newport News

Crestwood Suites has joined the list of Preferred Lodging Properties in Newport News. They have offered us a rate of $79 through the end of 2005. All suites are equipped with an apartment style kitchen that has a full size refrigerator, counter top stove, microwave oven and all kitchen accessories. There will be a swimming pool and van service in June 2006 after the completion of a Sleep Inn which will be next door. Crestwood Suites is located off Canon Blvd on Old Oyster Point Road, just 1.4 miles from the Lab. Their phone number is 951-1017. An updated Property listing has been posted to the web.

Non-direct bill Lodging reservations for visitors - 3/29/06

Visitors to the Lab that are paying their own lodging expense can still get the JLab negotiated rate. For this to occur the traveler must have the name of someone on the Direct Bill Authorization List that can verify the traveler is visiting Jefferson Lab. The easiest way to to get a visitor the JLab rate is for the Coordinator to call the lodging property and make the reservation. When doing this be sure they understand it is not a direct bill.



LOWEST AVAILABLE PUBLISHED AIRFARE In an email to all Core Managers from the Chief Financial Officer, Mary Erwin on 11/16/04 it was clearly established that obtaining the lowest available published airfare was the responsibility of the subcontract travel agency. The Travel Coordinator (arranger) responsibility is to contact the subcontract travel agency.


Conference Meals Provided - 1/27/06

Meals provided at a conference that are charged separate from the registration fee requires that the meal be a integral part of the program. For example, the guest speaker must be conveying information jermane to the conference purpose.

Domestic Lodging Rate Changes

Lodging rates in key cities in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington will change in May 2005. If you have traveler's taking trips to any of these states and their TA's have already been created the lodging rate may have changed. You can inform the traveler of any change in lodging rate by going to the travel website and checking the rate or use the TA system and update the TA (no need to resubmit to Travel). If you wait until the expense report is filed to check the rates it is possible the rate may have gone down, necessitating the submission of an Actual Lodging Form. For a complete list of affected locations send an email to Carol.

Per Diem Rate Changes - 2/1/06

Per diem rate changes will become effective February 1, 2006 in the District of Columbia and certain locations in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas. As soon as the new rates are available on-line the Travel Authorization system will be updated. To receive a copy of the email notification with the changes sent by GSA contact the Travel Supervisor.

Per Diem Rates Change in Newport News-9/12/05

The new per diem rates have been announced for the 2006 fiscal year. The lodging rates in many parts of the country, including Newport News, have been reduced. The off-season rate effective 9/1/05 was $79.00. The new off-season rate, effective 10/1/05 will be $67.00. The in-season rate was also reduced from $101 to $82. The meals per diem of $43.00 per day in Newport News will go up to $54.00 on 10/1/05. What does this mean to us? Stipends have to be reviewed to see if the Lab will request a rate increase from DOE. Lodging rates at properties that currently offer the $79 rate or a rate above $67 are being re-negotiated. An updating email and the new lodging rate posting on the web will follow shortly. If you have questions, contact Carol at x7519.

Per Diem Rates for FY07 - 8/2/06 (8/11 UPDATE)

The announcement was made today about per diem rates for FY07. The meals & incidental (M&IE) per diem rate in "Hampton City and Newport News" will be $44. The lodging per diem rates will be (10/1/06 - 3/31/07) - $73; (4/1/07 - 6/30/07) - $88; (7/1/07 - 9/30/07) - $73. All rates will be posted on the GSA per diem website sometime today. To look up other cities be sure to select the 2007 year from the drop down list just above the map on the Domestic Per Diem website. Our on-line per diem rates for FY07 will be available as soon as GSA has the download ready. As soon as we hear about the affect these changes will have on Stipend rates afater 9/30/06 you will be informed.

What is a continental breakfast? - 3/23/06

Jefferson Lab's practice is to consider a continental breakfast one that contains NO hot meat and egg choice. If both of these items are offered it is considered to be a full breakfast and requires that a meal deduction be taken. (See Meal deduction table on the Home page of the Travel website for the correct deduction amount based on the MI&E rate in the location of travel)



PHOTO ID REQUIRED All airlines require one form of official identification. Official usually means, a picture identification issued by a state or government agency. Be sure your identification is current (not expired) and will not expire before you return from travel. Acceptable forms of ID are: Valid Driver's License Valid Military ID Valid Passport Valid Student ID card


Avis Rental Car Rates

We have been informed by Avis that effective June 1, 2005 our rates will be their "Commercial Discount" rates, less a 10% discount. This means there will no longer be a negotiated Corporate rate with Avis, neither domestically or internationally. When a traveler is traveling Internationally we still prefer to use Avis, however be very careful when booking a rental car through Avis for a domestic rental. Unless the rate received is equal to or less than our Preferred Vendor (National) the difference will be an unallowable cost which will be charged back to the traveler or paid for out of discretionary funds.

Expended Delays at Car Rental Counters

National Rental Car reminded us there is a higher volume of car rentals in the summer months. They urge us to get our travelers expecting to rent vehicles signed up on the Emerald Club program as soon as possible so they can avoid delays at the airport. With an Emerald Club card the traveler can by-pass the lines and go straight to the vehicle pick-up location. EMERALD CLUB APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE IN TRAVEL SERVICES NOW! Pick some up or ask us to send them to you. Have completed applications (information needed down to and including driver's licence number) returned to Carol for submission. If they are faxed or mailed directly to National your travelers membership number will not be included on our corporate account and their rental will not be direct billed to Jefferson Lab.

Rental Car Contractor Change - 12/11/06

The Lab has signed an agreement with Enterprise to meet our rental car needs. Rentals obtained from Richmond Airport, Norfolk Airport, Newport News Airport or directly from the Lab are already being provided by Enterprise. Rentals at key airports, where Enterprise has an airport presence, will begin in January. The Car class designations at Enterprise are somewhat different then other agencies. Therefore, our Administrative Manual travel policy will be amended to reflect a Standard class car (Pontiac G6 or similar) to be the usual rental, rather than a mid-size. A one-class upgrade to a full size car (Ford Taurus or similar) may be requested when more than 2 people are traveling together. Although the class of car has changed the size of the vehicle remains the same. We look forward to this new association with Enterprise and see it as an opportunity to expand our car rental options to the JLab traveler and visitor. Since National may still be used at select locations in the US and Avis will be used on International Rentals we highly recommend you check the rental car company on the CI Travel itinerary before arriving at your destination. If there are any questions regarding our agreement with Enterprise do not hesitate to contact Carol at ext. 7519.



With the lodging rate increase at the Residence Facility to $47.50 the Stipend rate will increase to $90.50 per day effective 3/1/2005.

REVISED Foreign Visitor Stipend Request form

The "Foreign Visitor Stipend Request" form has been revised. Please make all future requests on the the revised form in the Admin. Manual, Exhibit 402-15. The form is located at:

Stipend Rate Increase

With the lodging rate increase at the Residence Facility to $47.50 the stipend rate will be increased to $90.50 per day, effective March 1, 2005.


Nicholas Travel Service Charge change

Nicholas Travel's agreement with Jefferson Lab has been renewed for an additional year. Based on the service charge schedule submitted with their bid the service charge on a live-person assisted airline reservation for the 2nd year of the contract will be $31.00. This rate goes into affect with airline reservations made on and after June 1, 2005. The $22.00 service fee for using the On-Line booking system (Travel ASP) will not change.

Profiles for Travel Agency

When a new profile is created using the Profile program on the Nicholas Travel home page it is helpful if you will send Chris Nicholas an email ( to let him know. That way he can get the profile converted to the on-line booking system (Travel ASP) profile format and get the new traveler set up in Travel ASP. We have added this step because there are few profiles being added now and Chris does not receive notification from the system there is a new profile unless the person asks to be added to the Newsletter. This way the traveler and arranger have access to this traveler through Travel ASP without a long delay. Remember, when a new profile is added it can take up to 24 business hours for Travel ASP to be updated.

Profiles provide Information

ProFILER eliminates ALL of the problems regarding no information or wrong information we have for a traveler. It?s convenient to use ? available 24/7 from any computer with Internet access. The site is secure and is easily updated by the traveler. It lets the traveler know when the credit card or passport is about to expire. It allows travelers to grant access to other people that they want to give updating their information.

Reservations made by Travel Agency

Nicholas Travel makes all of the Lab's AIRLINE reservations. Exceptions must be submitted in writing to Pam Turk, Accounting Manager. RENTAL CAR reservations with our preferred rental car vendors (currently: National, Avis and Enterprise) should also be made through Nicholas Travel to ensure we are in compliance with the policy, our corporate rates are honored and the rental car charges are directly billed to the Lab. They are also equipped to make LODGING arrangements using their agency booking system. DOE Laboratory guest facilities do not list their properties with these system. Reservations made at DOE Lab guest facilities should be made by the traveler or the travel coordinator. In many cases they are the only ones who can provide the information necessary to complete the booking.

JLab Travelers: Get notifications by mobile phone, e-mail, etc.

JLab travelers can sign up for up-to-the-minute updates on changes to their travel itinerary, such as a delay or cancellation of your flight, a gate change on a connection, or any other airline emergency. Notifications will be sent to the traveler via mobile phone, e-mail or another telephone number listed in the traveler's profile in the Rearden Personal Assistant online booking system. To get details, speak with your Travel Coordinator or click the "Notification Preferences" link on the Travel Department web page.



Cash Advance Fee Update - 10/1/06

The cash advance fee is currently 3% of the amount withdrawn from the travel credit card line of credit. The fee is charged on the cash requested plus any fees charged at the ATM. (Example: Cash of $200, ATM fee of $2.50, cash advance fee = $6.08) The cash advance fee is an allowable reimbursable expense to the traveler up to $20 per week (which would include the 3% charged on ATM fees). Remember the ATM fee is also an allowable reimbursable expense to the traveler.


Federal Tax Reporting on Visitors

In the July 2003 Travel Newsletter there was a message from Pam Turk regarding 'IRS REGULATION REQUIREMENTS FOR TAX REPORTING ON VISITORS.' This is a reminder: The W8 form (or W9 in case of US Citizens/vendors or legal resident aliens) is being requested of all visitors where a travel expense is incurred (even if the travel expense is only a direct bill and there will be no payment to the visitor.) Although reimbursement for travel is not currently subject to withholding tax other forms of compensation such as honorariums or consulting fees may be subject to tax withholding and a visitor might be receiving money for other than a travel expense reimbursement. JLab is liable for all taxes associated with applicable payments to individuals in the event JLab does not have the proper paperwork or withhold appropriate taxes. Tax forms are available at:

IRS Form W-8, W-9 & 8233 Requirements

This announcement supersedes the July 2003 Newsletter and the March 19, 2004 memorandum from Pam Turk on the above subject. Due to a change in the IRS regulations Jefferson Lab (JLab) has revised the requirement to read that all vendors/visitors receiving any type of payment must complete an applicable W-8 or W-9 and possibly an 8233 form prior to receipt of such payment. JLab has established controls, which require all vendors/visitors to complete the appropriate form whether or not they are receiving taxable income. If you do not receive reportable income for tax purposes from JLab nothing will be reported to the IRS. The W-8 must be completed at least once every three years, the W-9 must only be completed one time unless your vendor status has changed, and the 8233 must be completed at least annually.