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Procedures for Distibution of Professional Papers

Authors Reminder:

Refer to Article 214.02 of JLAB Admin Manual.

For any professional paper to be distibuted in any way (eprint, journal, conference), here is the order of steps to follow:

  1. Submit paper to Jefferson Lab's publications system for division approval and number assignment.
    Visit for policy.
  2. Submit paper to arxiv. For posting papers on the arXiv, please use the perpetual (the first choice) which is non-exclusive and doesn't interfere with gov. required rights or with APS or Elsevier journal copyright requirements. For other journals, such as Science and Nature, please check their pre-publicity rules before posting to the arXiv.
  3. Contact Jefferson Lab Legal Counsel, Rhonda Scales, for all copyright transfer activities with publishers
  4. Submit paper for professional consideration to conference, journal, etc.
  5. Once accepted by the publisher, provide Publications Office with a copy of the accepted manuscript and Digital Object Identificr (DOI) link on the publisher's website. Accepted manuscript should be a clean copy, free of all publisher's markings; however, if journal article is open access, only the DOI is required. (Please note: If the manuscript is at arXiv, please maintain versions.)
  6. Publications Office will distribute the DOI, accepted manuscript, and related metadata to the Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) in compliance with the policy regarding Public Access of Federally Funded Research.
  7. Thesis papers and non-refereed conference materials (ie. talks, posters, abstracts, etc.) should continue to be entered into the system.

Contract Acknowledgment Notice

Call Kim Edwards at x7805 or email for assistance.