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    Bisognano becomes DOE detailee; looks forward to busy year

    by Kevin Crossett

    Joe BisognanoAfter more than 13 years of service, Joe Bisognano, Accelerator Division, has been selected as the first Jefferson Lab detailee to work with the Department of Energy Nuclear Physics Division in Germantown, Md. He will venture into his new role sometime this fall.

    When asked why he volunteered for the one-year assignment, Bisognano joked, "It was the only honorable way to get out of beam optics on-call duty at three in the morning."

    Seriously, Bisognano says he's looking forward to developing a better understanding of the workings of the Energy Department while helping them manage various research programs at universities and DOE facilities. He expects to be involved in the oversight of the commissioning of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (at Brookhaven National Laboratory) and in a variety of DOE facility upgrades and new initiatives.

    Bisognano left Berkeley Lab in 1985 and began working at CEBAF as an accelerator theorist. Upon arriving in Newport News, he participated in the fundamental design change of CEBAF to superconducting radiofrequency technology.

    Since then, he has become the head of the Beam Physics and Instrumentation Department, which calculates and analyzes accelerator design parameters and provides electronics engineering for acceleration and diagnostics systems.

    Asked what he is most proud of at the lab, Bisognano said that having worked at the lab since it was only an unfunded idea, he takes great pride in the overall success of both the CEBAF machine and the FEL.

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