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On Target (September 1998)
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    Human Resources Dept. unveils new staff development program

    After reviewing Jefferson Lab job-related training and education needs, the Human Resources Department is unveiling a new staff development and training program.

    "After years of sending staff to broad-based, commercial programs off-site, we have now developed an internal program like most labs," explained Staff Development and Training manager, Bruce Ullman. "The new program is designed to accommodate our workforce and is based on Lab-specific education and training needs."

    The program includes classes geared around general staff development; skills needed by supervisors and managers; and Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) training. The goal of the program is to provide educational and learning opportunities that address staff development needs identified by line managers and staff. The essence of the program is to encourage and provide the basis for continuous improvement across the Lab. This includes developing and improving individual and organizational workforce skills and leadership abilities. It will also provide the Lab community with a deeper understanding of the Lab's scientific mission. The program offers something for everyone-managers, supervisors, technical staff, non-technical staff, users and students.

    The training and education classes provided for supervisors and managers were developed in response to staff input and "competency" areas identified by the Jefferson Lab Management Development Steering Committee, chaired by Jean Delayen. "That committee looked at the skills Lab supervisors and managers need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. The committee prioritized those competencies and brought the list to Human Resources," Ullman continued. "Then, Staff Development teams representing the Lab's workforce developed the objectives for programs to address those competencies. We used these objectives as the Statements of Work and then the development teams reviewed the bids and made the selections." This way the Lab was able to identify what training was needed and tailor courses to meet those specific needs. The program was also designed to meet logistical needs-all of these classes will be held on site and the training will be provided in 2-4 hour blocks. No all-day courses. In addition, many courses will have CD ROM or video versions.

    Detailed information about the new program's class schedule is available in the Jefferson Lab Fall 1998 curriculum catalogue recently distributed across the campus. In addition to EH&S training, the fall schedule offers more than two dozen classes geared toward general staff development or manager/supervisor skills.

    This information, and automated, real-time registration is also available on the JLab web site at: Create your own record in the Staff Development and Training Database today. Use your JLab user name and a password to create your file. This will put the fall semester class descriptions, registration and calendar at your fingertips. Your EH&S training (from the CIS database) is already in the new system. This database will replace CIS by year's end. Enroll in a class and the computerized registration system will even send you confirmation and reminder messages. Every staff member can eventually have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which will identify all training and skills needed for his or her job.

    Many of the classes open to general staff have no cost or enrollment fee. Any staff member may sign up for those classes. Specialized training for project managers or technical staff often has a cost, and supervisors will still have to approve that training for their employees by signing a SURA/JLab Training-Charge Back Form with an account code to pay for the class.

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