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Guidelines for Incoming Work Packages

The EECAD Group will accept new jobs electronically or in hard copy as long as they meet the following criteria. The preferred method for submitting a work request is the Web-based Work Request Form ( which you can fill out yourself or have a member of the Group help fill it out for you.

New Jobs

All requests must include:

In addition, you may request a particular designer if that person has experience working with you on this type of job.

Additional requirements

Requests for mechanical design work must also include:

Requests for electrical/electronic design work must also include:

PC Board requests must also include:

Requests for any other type of job must include a sketch.

Note: Change requests will only be accepted via hard copy mark-ups or detailed electronic files. A Work request must be submitted via the web regardless of how you choose to submit your changes. The group will not accept verbal change requests.