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Technology Review Committee

The Technology Review Committee was established by Jefferson Lab's Director's Council to oversee the intellectual property of the Laboratory. The Committee, composed of representatives of all Divisions, is charged with facilitating the transfer of technology and inventions, developed at the Laboratory, to the private sector. This activity takes on a variety of forms, from establishing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), to recommending licensing of Jefferson Lab patents. The Committee also manages the patent process for the Laboratory by accepting Invention Disclosures from employees, reviewing and authorizing Patentability Searches, authorizing Patent Applications, and assisting in the commercialization of the invention.

Members of the Technology Transfer Coordination and Invention Review Committee





Drew Weisenberger
(757) 269-7090
(757) 269-5519
Chief Technology Officer
Kandice Carter
(757) 269-7263
(757) 269-7398
Public Affairs
Deborah Dowd
(757) 269-7180
  Public Affairs
Teresa Danforth
(757) 269-7364
(757) 269- 7363
Alex Bogacz
(757) 269-5784
(757) 269- 5024
Drew Weisenberger
(757) 269-7090
(757) 269- 6050
Curt Hovater
(757) 269-7685
Russell Moy
(202) 408-7872
(202) 408-8250
Rhonda Scales
(757) 269-7384
(757) 269-7398
Director's Office/Legal
Joe Scarcello
(757) 269-7027
(757) 269-7398
CFO/Business Ops/Tech Transfer