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    Help with Podcasts

    Definition of a Podcast

    A podcast is a way of publishing audio files for people to listen and subscribe to using certain software. Jefferson Lab has a list of available podcasts that we publish. To learn more about podcasts, see a more in-depth definition.

    How to Listen to a Podcast

    You can subscribe to a collection of available audio clips from Jefferson Lab through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) by adding the podcast feed to your player. (see "How to Subscribe to a Podcast Feed" for more information) Or you can listen to each one individually.

    A "MP3" is a file format for audio files. To listen to an audio clip marked with the "MP3 icon" individually, one needs software that can play that file type. If you're not sure if you can listen to a MP3 file, please try first by clicking on the icon next to the story you would like to hear. Usually computer systems come already equipped with software that can play the sound file. If the sound doesn't start playing, configure your web browser to play MP3.

    How to Subscribe to a Podcast Feed

    You need software to subscribe to the podcast. Here is a list of software that can do this.

    What the Icons Mean

    On the stories and front page:

    • By clicking this icon, one subscribes to the podcast feed.
    • By clicking this icon, one listens to an individual MP3 file.

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