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Administrative Manual - 700 Intellectual Property

702 Professional Publications


    Members of the professional staff are encouraged to exchange information in their areas of professional competence by reporting at meetings, contributing papers for technical journals and periodicals, and presenting lectures on suitable subjects at public meetings. Professional publications are important aspects of the scientific and engineering work performed by members of JSA/Jefferson Lab's professional staff.


    All professional publications shall be reviewed and cleared by the Laboratory Director before they are sent outside the Laboratory.

    The purpose of this review is to inform management of information being disseminated concerning the Laboratory, ensure that the materials reflect creditably on the Laboratory, and identify any special problems related to patentable material or copyright issues.


    For the purpose of this policy, a professional publication is defined as any professional work suitable for journal or conference publication that is presented for public consumption. A professional publication can be in the form of a paper document (e.g., a preprint), an electronic document (e.g., an e-print or World Wide Web text), an audio or video recording, or other media, which identifies the author as an employee of JSA/ Jefferson Lab, or which is based in whole or in part on work performed as a JSA/Jefferson Lab employee.

    1. Authors are responsible for adhering to the schedules and guidelines in this policy and for obtaining all required clearances, permissions and approvals, including an official professional publication code number, before releasing professional publications. Authors also are responsible for distribution of their professional publications. Procedures to be followed are provided on the Information Resources Web site.
    2. Internal reviewers are responsible for certifying the professional publication's suitability to appear outside Jefferson Lab. Reviewers exercise detailed quality assurance oversight of the publication and can:
      1. Call for an internal seminar
      2. Direct that the publication be revised or receive additional review
      3. Approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the publication for use outside the Laboratory.
    3. Associate Directors exercise general oversight and review of division publications, designate reviewers and make resources available to authors to assist in professional publication preparation.
    4. The Director exercises general oversight and approves or disapproves the publication for outside distribution.
    5. Supervisors and department heads stay familiar with the work in progress and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect proprietary information.
    6. The Jefferson Lab Library receives and archives approved Jefferson Lab professional publications. (As noted in 702.D.1, above, distribution is the responsibility of the author.)
    7. Where the primary author on collaborative papers are researchers from user institutions, the user institution is given ownership of ensuing publications. This means the user institution will assign the primary document number and the collaborator will include an acknowledgment of the JSA/DOE Contract No. DE-AC05-06OR23177. However, Jefferson Laboratory will assign a document number to publications produced as a result of research conducted at the lab or when laboratory staff participated in collaborative effort. Laboratory staff should ensure that these publications are submitted to the JLab system for processing. In these cases, the JLab document number is secondary.

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