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16th Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies Program

Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
June 11-20, 2001

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HUGS 2001 Lecturers, Topics and Suggested Background Reading

Ricardo Alarcon (MIT)
"Electron Scattering from Few-Body Nuclei"

Gordon Cates (UVa)
"Polarized 3He, Spin Structure of the Nucleon, and Target Technology Applications"

Robert Edwards (JLab)
"Lattice Field Theory"

Naomi Makins (UIUC)
"Semi-Inclusive Spin Physics"

Michael Ramsey-Musolf (UConn and CalTech) or
"Weak Interactions in Nuclei: The Standard Model and Beyond"

Adam Szczepaniak (IU)
"From QCD to the Quark Model and Beyond, Exotic Meson Dynamics and Hall D"