8th Workshop of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics
from Wednesday, 10 April 2019 (08:00) to Friday, 12 April 2019 (18:00)

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019
Thursday, 11 April 2019
Friday, 12 April 2019
08:00 --- registration ---
Plenary - Craig Roberts (Argonne) (until 10:30) (Director's Row H)
08:45  Welcome - David Richards (Jefferson Lab)  
09:00  Engineering Small QGP Droplets - James Nagle (University of Colorado Boulder)  
09:30  Jet quenching: the end game - Abhijit Majumder (Wayne State University)  
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10:00  Gravitational structure of the proton – a new direction in experimental hadron physics. - Volker Burkert (Jefferson Lab)  
10:30 --- coffee ---
Plenary - David Richards (Jefferson Lab) (until 12:30) (Director's Row H)
11:00  The Science of the Electron-Ion Collider - Yoshitaka Hatta (BNL)  
11:30  Open Challenges in Neutrino Nucleon/Nucleus Scattering Across the Neutrino Energy Spectrum - Jorge G Morfin (Fermilab)  
12:00  Topics in QCD from Dyson-Schwinger equations - Richard Williams (University of Giessen)  
12:30 --- lunch ---
Plenary - Timothy Hobbs (Southern Methodist University) (until 10:30) (Director's Row H)
08:30  Status of understanding the proton charge radius - Carl Carlson (William & Mary)  
09:00  Experimental Searches for Light Exotica: Precision and Progress - Sean Dobbs (Florida State University)  
09:30  Charming discoveries in antimatter-matter annihilations - Johan Messchendorp (University of Groningen)  
10:00  Search for dark photon, dark scalar, axion-like, or dark matter particle in Compton-like processes - Igal Jaegle (University of Florida in Gainesville)  
10:30 --- coffee ---
Plenary - Werner Vogelsang (Uni Tübingen) (until 12:30) (Director's Row H)
11:00  Theory progress related to the RHIC Beam Energy Scan program - Bjoern Schenke (Brookhaven National Lab)  
11:30  Photon collisions in ultraperipheral collisions at RHIC and the LHC - Peter Steinberg (Brookhaven)  
12:00  Hadron Structure in Lattice QCD: Status and Perspectives - Huey-Wen Lin (Michigan State University)  
12:30 --- lunch ---
Onia/HF - Peter Petreczky (BNL) (until 10:10) (Director's Row I)
08:30  Recent lattice QCD results on bottomonia at high temperatures - Rasmus Larsen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)  
08:55  Overview of heavy flavor results at RHIC and the LHC - Xin Dong (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)  
09:20  Quarkonium production and polarization - Vincent Cheung (University of California, Davis)  
09:45  Overview of quarkonium results at RHIC and the LHC - J. Matthew Durham (Los Alamos National Laboratory)  
EIC - Robert McKeown (Jefferson Lab) (until 10:10) (Director's Row E)
08:30  eRHIC Machine Design Overview - Christoph Montag (BNL)  
08:55  JLEIC Electron-Ion Collider Advances and Opportunities - Andrei Seryi (JLAB)  
09:20  Interaction Region Design Considerations and the Machine Detector Interface for Electron Ion Colliders - Brett Parker (BNL)  
09:45  Light and heavy quark spectroscopy at EIC - Marco Battaglieri (INFN-GE)  
Small Systems - Anne Sickles (University of Illinois) (until 10:10) (Director's Row J)
08:30  On the smallest droplets of QCD fluids - Paul Romatschke (CU Boulder)  
08:55  Progress in hard probes of small collision systems - Dennis Perepelitsa (University of Colorado Boulder)  
09:20  Some Recent Theoretical Developments in Small Systems  - Matthew Sievert (Brookhaven National Laboratory)  
09:45  Measurement of long-range correlations in Z-boson tagged pp collisions - Soumya Mohapatra (Columbia University)  
JPAC - Bill Briscoe (GWU) (until 10:10) (Director's Row H)
08:30  JPAC Overview - Adam Szczepaniak (Indiana Univeristy/JLab)  
08:55  Progress in analysis of single and double meson photoproduction - Vincent Mathieu (Complutense University of Madrid)  
09:20  Towards an Analytical Description of Three Particle Scattering - Andrew Jackura (Indiana University)  
09:45  Towards a combined analysis of inclusive/exclusive electroproduction - Astrid Hiller Blin (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)  
10:10 --- coffee ---
EIC - Bjoern Schenke (Brookhaven National Lab) (until 12:10) (Director's Row H)
10:30  TMD measurements and requirements at the EIC - Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab)  
10:55  GPD studies at the EIC - Salvatore Fazio (Brookhaven National Laboratory)  
11:20  Experimental Signals of Low-x Saturation - Matthew Sievert (Rutgers University)  
11:45  Heavy quarkonium in QCD: from JLab to EIC - Sylvester Joosten (Argonne National Laboratory)  
Nucleon Structure - Carl Carlson (William & Mary) (until 12:05) (Director's Row J)
10:30  The Proton Charge Radius (PRad) Experiment at JLab - Haiyan Gao (Duke University)  
10:55  Preliminary results on H(e,e') and D(e,e') cross sections from an early 12 GeV Hall C experiment at Jefferson Lab: E12-10-002 - Simona Malace (Jefferson Lab)  
11:20  The Tritium Experiments - Zhihong Ye (Argonne National Lab)  
11:45  Extracting the Neutron Structure Function from Global DIS Data using CJ15 - Shujie Li (University of New Hampshire)  
GPDs andTMDs - Timothy Hobbs (Southern Methodist University) (until 12:00) (Director's Row I)
10:30  Gluon TMDs from Quarkonium production in proton collisions - Marc Schlegel (New Mexico State University)  
10:55  GPD program at COMPASS at CERN - Nicole d'Hose (IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay)  
11:20  Exclusive Backward-Angle Meson Electroproduction -- Unique access to u-channel physics - Garth Huber (University of Regina)  
11:40  Quark and gluon contributions to the proton mass and spin - Abha Rajan (University of Virginia)  
JPAC - Adam Szczepaniak (Indiana Univeristy/JLab) (until 12:00) (Director's Row E)
10:30  New determination of the lightest hybrid meson candidate - Arkaitz Rodas (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)  
11:00  Analysis of three body decays - Miguel Albaladejo (JLab)  
11:30  Dispersive KT Equations for Three-Body Decays of Mesons with Higher Mass or Spin - Daniel Winney (Indiana Unversity Bloomington)  
12:10 --- lunch ---
Nuclear and Heavy Ion - Volker Burkert (Jefferson Lab) (until 15:40) (Director's Row J)
14:00  Study of $\Lambda$ Hyperon Fragmentation in Current and Target Regions using CLAS - Taya Chetry (Mississippi State University)  
14:20  Searching for the onset of color transparency in $A(e,e^{\prime}p)$ in Hall C at Jefferson Lab - Holly Szumila-Vance (Jefferson Lab)  
14:40  Collective excitations and electromagnetic probes of momentum-anisotropic quark-gluon plasma - Babak Salehi Kasmaei (Kent State University)  
15:00  pi0-hadron correlations with PHENIX - Veronica Canoa Roman (Stony Brook University)  
15:20  X-ray spectroscopy of hadronic exotic atoms and application in foundations of quantum physics - Johann Marton (Stefan Meyer Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences)  
Nuclear PDFs - Ramona Vogt (LLNL/UC Davis) (until 15:40) (Director's Row I)
14:00  The nCTEQ PDF determinations and LHC nuclear scattering data - Timothy Hobbs (Southern Methodist University)  
14:25  Hadronic physics with the inelasticity of high-energy neutrino interactions in IceCube - Gary Binder (LBNL)  
14:50  A Monte Carlo analysis of nuclear PDFs with neural networks - Jacob Ethier (Vrije Universiteit / Nikhef)  
15:15  Novel Features of Nuclear Parton Distributions - Stanley Brodsky (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford Univsersity)  
Production and Decays - Michael Doring (George Washington U and Jefferson Lab) (until 15:40) (Director's Row H)
14:00  Hexaquarks under the microscope - Mikhail Bashkanov (University of York)  
14:25  Photoproduction of the d*(2380) Dibaryon - Stephen Kay (University of Regina)  
14:45  Recent developements at the A2 real photon facility at MAMI - Andreas Thomas (Institut für Kernphysik University Mainz)  
15:05  Determining the unknown Λ-n interaction by investigating the Λnn resonance - Bishnu Pandey (Hampton University)  
15:25  Benchmarking Air Light-Guide Cherenkov Detectors at SLAC ESTB - Cameron Clarke (Stony Brook University)  
PDFs - Garth Huber (University of Regina) (until 15:10) (Director's Row E)
14:00  Pion Valence Quark Distribution from Lattice Calculable Current-Current Correlations - Colin Egerer (William and Mary)  
14:25  Exploring the origin of mass through the properties of pseudoscalar mesons - Craig Roberts (Argonne)  
14:50  Parton distribution inside the pion from lattice QCD - Nikhil Karthik (BNL)  
15:40 --- coffee ---
Production and Decays - Victor I Mokeev Mokeev (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility) (until 17:40) (Director's Row H)
16:00  The impact of eta photoproduction on the resonance spectrum - Michael Doring (The George Washington University)  
16:25  Non-Strange and Strange Baryon Spectroscopy at GW - Igor Strakovsky (The George Washington University)  
16:50  Partial Wave Analysis for Electron-Positron and Antiproton-Proton Annihilations - Malte Albrecht (Ruhr-University Bochum)  
17:15  Investigating the EMC effect in highly-virtual nucleons at Jefferson Lab - Florian Hauenstein (Old Dominion University)  
Jets - Anne Sickles (University of Illinois) (until 17:40) (Director's Row I)
16:00  The LPM effect in QCD revisited - Yacine Mehtar-Tani (Brookhaven National Laboratory)  
16:25  Jet and dijet production in heavy-ion collisions - Ivan Vitev (LANL)  
16:50  Recent measurements of jets in QCD matter - Laura Havener (Yale University)  
17:15  Jets in QCD matter - Miguel Arratia (UC Berkeley)  
Hadron Form Factors - Charles Perdrisat (The College of William and Mary) (until 17:35) (Director's Row J)
16:00  Results from the GMp Experiment at Jefferson Lab - M. Eric Christy Christy (Hampton U. / Jefferson La)  
16:25  Pion Form Factor with Overlap Fermion - Gen Wang (University of Kentucky)  
16:50  Extraction of the pion form factor from pion electroproduction - Anthony Thomas (CSSM and CoEPP, University of Adelaide)  
17:15  Light-front approach to a chiral nucleon-pion Lagrangian - Weijie Du (Iowa State University)  
PDFs - Stanley Brodsky (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford Univsersity) (until 17:20) (Director's Row E)
16:00  The Future synergy between Lattice QCD and Global Analyses of HEP data - Timothy Hobbs (Southern Methodist University)  
16:20  Entanglement entropy at small x - Haowu Duan (North Carolina State University)  
16:40  Parton distribution functions from the light front parton gas model - Shaoyang Jia (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University)  
17:00  Minkowski space 4D dynamics for hadrons - Tobias Frederico (Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica)  
GHP business meeting (until 20:00) (Director's Row H)
18:00  Welcome - David Richards (Jefferson Lab)  
18:05  Report from DOE - Tim Hallmann (Deartment of Energy)  
18:25  Report from NSF - Bogdan Mihaila (National Science Foundation)  
18:45  Report from BNL - Berndt Mueller (BNL)  
19:00  Report from JLab - Robert McKeown (Jefferson Lab)  
19:15  GHP Activities - David Richards (Jefferson Lab)  
19:25  Treasurer's Report - Ramona Vogt (LLNL/UC Davis)  
19:35  Fellowships / Prizes - Garth Huber (University of Regina)  
19:45 --- Discussions / Questions ---
Ultra-Peripheral Collisions - Spencer Klein (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) (until 15:40) (Director's Row I)
14:00  Meson production in ultra-peripheral heavy ion collisions - Carlos Bertulani (Texas A&M University-Commerce)  
14:25  Ultra-peripheral Collisions in STAR - Janet Seger (Creighton University Department of Physics)  
14:50  Ultra-peripheral heavy-ion collisions in CMS - Daniel Tapia Takaki (University of Kansas)  
15:15  Using ultra-peripheral collisions to probe nuclear parton distributions - Brian Cole ((Columbia University))  
3D Imaging - David Richards (Jefferson Lab) (until 15:40) (Director's Row H)
14:00  Challenges in Nuclear Femtography - Latifa Elouadrhiri (Jefferson Lab)  
14:25  Towards a 3D Landscape of Nucleon and Nuclei - Zein-Eddine Meziani (Argonne National Laboratory)  
14:50  Wigner functions - Matthias Burkardt (NMSU)  
15:15  Constraining the Equation of State of Neutron Stars with High Energy Deeply Virtual Exclusive Experiments - simonetta liuti (university of virginia)  
Theoretical Approaches - Anthony Thomas (CSSM and CoEPP) (until 15:40) (Director's Row J)
14:00  SU(2) Charges with Spherical Symmetry and Confined Boundary Conditions - Dennis Sivers (Portland Physics Institute and University of Michigan)  
14:25  Renormalization of n-particle irreducible effective actions - Margaret Carrington (Brandon University)  
14:50  Probing Hadronic Entanglement with Quantum Tomography - John Ralston (University of Kansas)  
15:15  “Supersymmetric Features of Hadron Physics and other Novel Properties of Quantum Chromodynamics from Light-Front Holography and Superconformal Algebra” - Stanley Brodsky (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford Univsersity)  
Production and Decays - Igor Strakovsky (The George Washington University) (until 15:20) (Director's Row E)
14:00  New Baryon States from Exclusive Meson Photo-/Electroproduction off Proton Data - Victor Mokeev (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)  
14:20  Production of $X(3872)$ accompanied by a pion in $B$ meson decay - Liping He (The Ohio State University)  
14:40  Fracture Functions from $\Lambda^0$ Leptoproduction for Target Remnant Description - Sereres Johnston (ANL)  
15:00  Recent results in hadron spectroscopy at Belle and prospects for Belle II - Jake Bennett (University of Mississippi)  
15:40 --- coffee ---
GPDs - Haiyan Gao (Duke University) (until 17:50) (Director's Row E)
16:00  DVCS and exclusive neutral pion at Jefferson Lab: Accomplishments and future developments - Eric Fuchey (University of Connecticut)  
16:25  On the lepton azimuthal angular distributions in the Drell-Yan process - Jen-Chieh Peng (University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapign)  
16:50  Energy-momentum tensor of hadrons in the NJL model - Adam Freese (Argonne National Laboratory)  
17:10  Extraction of Observables from Deeply Virtual Electron Proton Scattering Experiments - Brandon Kriesten (University of Virginia)  
17:30  Study of chiral-odd GPDs using pseudoscalar meson electroproduction with CLAS - Andrey Kim (UCONN)  
Quark-Gluon Correlations - Anselm Vossen (Duke University) Susan Schadmand (Forschungszentrum Juelich) (until 17:40) (Director's Row J)
16:00  Experimental results on quark-gluon correlations - Anselm Vossen (Duke University)  
16:25  Transverse Force Tomography - Matthias Burkardt (NMSU)  
16:50  Twist-3 PDFs - Marc Schlegel (New Mexico State University)  
17:15  The $g_2$ structure function and recent results from the SANE experiment - Whitney Armstrong (Argonne National Laboratory)  
Beam Energy Scans - Swagato Mukherjee (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 17:40) (Director's Row I)
16:00  Dynamical modeling of relativistic heavy-ion collisions at Beam Energy Scan energies - Chun Shen (Wayne State University)  
16:25  The QCD critical point hunt:new theoretical development and the first result from simulation - Yi Yin (MIT)  
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16:50  Search for the chiral and vortical effects at the RHIC - Prithwish Tribedy (Brookhaven National Lab.)  
17:15  Thermodynamic properties along the QCD crossover from Lattice QCD - Peter Petreczky (BNL)  
Production and Decays - Johan Messchendorp (University of Groningen) (until 17:25) (Director's Row H)
16:00  Studying the hadronic and semi-leptonic Decay Modes of the $\eta^{(\prime)}$-Meson with GlueX-I - Daniel Lersch (Florida State University)  
16:25  The Dalitz decay and frame dependence of transition form factors in light-front dynamics - Meijian Li (Iowa State University)  
16:45  A theoretical analysis of $\eta^{\prime}\to\eta\pi\pi$, and of the doubly radiative $\eta^{(\prime)}\to\pi^0\gamma\gamma$ and $\eta^\prime\to\eta\gamma\gamma$ decays - Sergi Gonzàlez-Solís (Indiana University)  
17:05  3-body quantization condition in a minimal unitary relativistic approach - Maxim Mai (The George Washington University)  
19:00 --- workshop dinner ---
Plenary - Garth Huber (University of Regina) (until 16:00) (Director's Row H)
13:30  Strange Hadron Spectroscopy: Current Status and Future Prospects (2018 GHP APS fellow) - Moskov Amaryan (Old Dominion University)  
14:00  A peek into quark confinement: transverse polarized scattering and quark-gluon correlations in nucleons (2018 GHP APS fellow) - Oscar Rondon Aramayo (University of Virginia)  
14:30  Collinear Distributions from a Universal QCD Analysis (2019 GHP Dissertation Award) - Jacob Ethier (Vrije Universiteit / Nikhef)  
15:00  Jefferson Lab’s Contribution to the Characterization of the Proton Form Factors (2017 Bonner prize) - Charles Perdrisat (The College of William and Mary)  
15:30  Exploring the Properties of Cold, Dense Matter (2019 Bonner prize) - Barbara Jacak (UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)  
16:00 --- end of meeting ---