• THe Electron-Ion Collider: The Ultimate Femtoscope

  • Jefferson Lab completes 12 GeV Upgrade

    Jefferson Lab Completes 12 GeV Upgrade

  • Physicists Move Closer to Listening In on Sub-Atomic Conversation

  • First Result Opens Door to Exploring the Universal Glue


Pashupati Dhakal holding part of a cryomodule
Krishna Kumar

News around the lab

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on Feb. 21 visited the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab), one of the nation’s premier national laboratories for nuclear physics research and accelerator science.
Anticipation is growing across the Commonwealth and at Jefferson Lab as the date draws near for the 2018 Virginia Regional Middle School Science Bowl. The lab is preparing for 18 teams to compete in the academic competition set for Saturday, March 3.
I’m lucky.  I’m part of a team of scientists, engineers and technicians that have been asked by our country to seek better understanding of the universe. Besides getting new insights into the nature of our universe, the things we learn while conducting research help to make our lives better.