• Jefferson Lab completes 12 GeV Upgrade

    Jefferson Lab Completes 12 GeV Upgrade

  • First Result Opens Door to Exploring the Universal Glue

  • THe Electron-Ion Collider: The Ultimate Femtoscope

  • Physicists Move Closer to Listening In on Sub-Atomic Conversation


Pashupati Dhakal holding part of a cryomodule
Krishna Kumar

News around the lab

Andrei Seryi, director of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, will take the helm of Jefferson Lab’s Accelerator Division in June.
some of the activities presented at past Teacher Night events
Enrichment program helps bring new, tested activities to the classroom
Seventeen teams arrived at Jefferson Lab early Saturday, March 3 – despite a large Nor’easter still impacting the region – ready for a day of intense academic competition. And in a knuckle-biter final round, Rachel Carson Middle School, Herndon, pulled ahead of Longfellow Middle School, Falls...