• illustration of a proton being measured with a weak charge meter device

    The Weak Side of the Proton

  • Graphic depicts two nucleons in a short-range correlation in a nucleus.


  • The Electron-Ion Collider: The Ultimate Femtoscope

  • Quarks Feel the Pressure in the Proton

    Quarks Feel the Pressure in the Proton


Joel Dolbeck picture
 Christine Snetter, Facilities Project Manger
Mark Stapleton, Cryogenic Systems
Pashupati Dhakal holding part of a cryomodule

News around the lab

The OARtrac® system, built with detector technologies used in nuclear physics, has won kudos for measuring radiation treatments in hard-to-reach areas.
Let’s delve a little deeper into a topic I have mentioned before in a blog post - nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine can be simply described as that area of healthcare that uses nuclear physics principles to detect and/or treat disease. Cancer is one disease where the power of nuclear medicine has...
Dilon and Jefferson Lab signatories for license
Detector technology with lower radiation dose now licensed by Dilon Technologies