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    Jefferson Lab Technology Stewardship Event

  • Quarks Feel the Pressure in the Proton

    Quarks Feel the Pressure in the Proton

  • illustration of a proton being measured with a weak charge meter device

    The Weak Side of the Proton

  • Graphic depicts two nucleons in a short-range correlation in a nucleus.


  • The Electron-Ion Collider: The Ultimate Femtoscope


Jina-Ping Chen at his desk
Julie Roche, JLUO Chairperson
Kim Edwards, IT Division/Information Resources
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 Christine Snetter, Facilities Project Manger

News around the lab

Cynthia Keppel, leader of Jefferson Lab’s Halls A&C, has been honored with the APS 2019 Distinguished Lectureship Award on the Applications of Physics.
Jefferson Lab's technology stewardship event, Accelerators: Driving Applications for Society was held on December 17.
The first phase of an experiment exploring the “glue” that binds together the basic building blocks of matter has been completed.