10-12 April 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone
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Contribution plenary talk

Denver, CO - Director's Row H

Jet quenching: the end game


  • Abhijit MAJUMDER

Primary authors


With the advent of advanced event generators, and a variety of theoretical advances, jet quenching has now transitioned from a discovery stage to one of systematic exploration. While calculations (or rather simulations) have become considerably extensive, there are practically no jet observables left that cannot be described by what is now referred to as the multi-stage approach. I will describe the origin and current theoretical justification for this approach, and in particular the ability to reduce almost all observables to a handful of transport coefficients. This will be followed by a discussion of the variety of observables that can be described by a state-of-the-art event generator based only on these transport coefficients. In conclusion, we will focus on the new kinds of observables which combine the quenching of jets with the response generated in the medium and their ability to reveal new properties of the quark gluon plasma.