10-12 April 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone
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Quark-Gluon Correlations


Location: Denver, CO
Address: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1550 Court Pl. lobby level of the Plaza building
Date: 11 Apr 16:00 - 17:40


    • Dr. Vossen, Anselm (Duke University)
    • Schadmand, Susan (Forschungszentrum Juelich)

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Type: invited talk Session: Quark-Gluon Correlations
We will review recent experimental results on quark-gluon correlations accessible in twist3 observables at RHIC and JLab.
Presented by Dr. Anselm VOSSEN on 11/4/2019 at 22:00
Type: invited talk Session: Quark-Gluon Correlations
The Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment (SANE) measured two double spin asymmetries using a polarized proton target and polarized electron beam at two beam energies, 4.7 GeV and 5.9 GeV. A large-acceptance open-configuration detector package identified scattered electrons at 40$^{\circ}$ and covered a wide range in Bjorken $x$ ($0.3 < x < 0.8$). Proportional to an average color Lorentz forc ... More
Presented by Whitney ARMSTRONG on 11/4/2019 at 23:15
Type: invited talk Session: Quark-Gluon Correlations
While twist-2 GPDs allow determining the distribution of partons on the transverse plane, twist-3 GPDs contain quark-gluon correlations that provide information about the average transverse force acting on quarks in a DIS experiment. We demonstrate how twist-3 GPDs can be used to provide transverse position information about that force.
Presented by Prof. Matthias BURKARDT on 11/4/2019 at 22:25
Type: invited talk Session: Quark-Gluon Correlations
In this talk the collinear twist-3 formalism is reviewed, in particular its application to pQCD analyses of transverse spin observables in single-inclusive high-energy processes. The main ingredients in this formalism are three-parton correlation functions that may provide new information on the inner dynamics of quarks and gluons in the nucleon as well as in fragmentation processes. Elements of n ... More
Presented by Marc SCHLEGEL on 11/4/2019 at 22:50
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