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Disaster Recovery

    The purpose of these guidelines is to give JLab management a ready reference for planning the recovery from a disaster which causes extensive physical damage at JLab. Damage, such as that caused by a fire or an explosion, may be localized to a single building, or the damage may we wide spread, such as that caused by a hurricane or a tornado. After a disaster, management may consider all guidelines herein but need implement only those that apply to the specific situation.

    The recovery process is divided into three phases. Phase 1 provides for getting organized and developing a specific plan for Phase 2.Phase 2 includes taking some preliminary actions, visiting the site, making a thorough assessment of the damage, and developing a plan for Phase 3. Phase 3 includes making CEBAF accessible and safe for employees to return to work and taking action to correct the assessed damage.

    Potential Hazards

    Disaster Recovery Checklists

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    updated November 5, 2010
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