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May 11, 2004: Pictures of Hycal, including completed optic fiber attachment. Front #1, Front #2, VPC Boards #1, VPC Boards #2, Beam Left side inc. delay cables, Front #3, Front #4, Front center close-up, Front view inc. delay cables, Front view.
March 19, 2004: Selected pictures from the testlab taken by JLab photographer Greg Adams (all of them can be found here):

January 9, 2004: Pictures of the cable handling system in Hall B: Shot #1, Shot #2.
December, 2003: PrimEx Luminosity Test End of Run Party
October 27, 2003: Pictures of the HyCal frame after stacking the shower counters: Front View, Back View, Back View #2, Closeup of back corner.
July, 2003: Hardware Work @ EEL
July, 2003: Luau @ Jlab
June 24-25, 2003: Pictures of HyCal and PrimEx personnel (people are named from left to right):

Oleg Chernyshov measures the location of the padding between layers.

Anatoli Sitnikov places the next layer of crystals.

The stacking process continues.

David Kashy examines the placement of the completed row.

Technical Crew: Denny Isnley, Jill Gram, Dr. Samuel Danagoulian (NCA&T), Tom Carstens, Pete Hemler, Calvin Mealer & David Kashy

Russian Federation: Oleg Chernyshov, Nikolai Mikhaline, Anatoli Sitnikov & Valerie Koubarovsky

Undergraduate Students: (top row) Kevin Broadnax, Marvin Payen, Galen Gresalfi, Joel Handley & Jason Slate
(bottom row) Brian Darty, Steven Overby & Daniel Pomeroy

NCA&T: Dr. Ashot Gasparian, Marvin Payen, Steven Overby, Dr. Raphael Demirchyan, Kevin Broadnax, Jarreas Underwood & Dr. Abdellah Ahmidouch

UKY: Joel Handley

UMass: Daniel Pomeroy

UNC-Greensboro: Brian Darty & Jason Slate

UNC-Wilmington: Dr. Liping Gan & Galen Gresalfi
January 22, 2003: HyCal frame and HyCal-0 in the Test Lab:
  • HyCal Frame
  • HyCal Frame & HyCal-0
  • HyCal Frame & HyCal-0
  • HyCal Frame
  • HyCal-0 & Data Acquisition
  • January 1, 2003: Test Lab floorplan January, 2003.
    November 11, 2002: The HyCal frame is on schedule and in the PrimEx assembly area at the Test Lab. HyCal-0 is in the background to the left.
    June 17, 2002: Pictures of the HyCal-0 prototype.
    February 22, 2002: Floor plan of Test Lab.
    February 15, 2001: The dipole magnet is installed.
    August 16, 1999: The dipole magnet arrives at Jlab.
    June 20, 1999: The status of dipole magnet