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Qweak Conference Page

A list of past and future conferences and workshops relevant to the Qweak experiment.

If you are aware of additional future conferences that should be listed, please send the information to David Armstrong.
If you would like to request approval to present an invited or contributed talk at a conference, please send the request to Wim van Oers (the Talks Coordinator) and include the following information:

Note: the collaboration policy on talks and conference papers can be found here: Policy on Invited and Contributed Talks. Also note that not all of the talks listed here are "official Qweak talks", as they include some broader review talks.

Conference Dates Location Website Speaker(s)
Low-q August 21-23 Halifax, Canada W. van Oers
PAVI2002 June 5 - 8 Mainz, Germany M. Pitt (invited talk)
CIPANP 2003 May 19-24 New York, NY hep-ex/0308049 G. Mitchell (invited talk)
PAVI 2004 June 8-11 Grenoble, France K. Grimm (contributed talk)
PAVI 2004 June 8-11 Grenoble, France G. Smith (invited talk)
JLab Users Group Meeting June 16-18 Jefferson Lab A. Opper
SPIN 2004 June 16-18 Trieste, Italy R. Carlini (invited talk)
CAP Congress June 5 -9 Vancouver, Canada D. Ramsey (contributed talk)
JLab Users Group Meeting June 20-22 Jefferson Lab M. Pitt
DNP Meeting Sept 18-22 Maui, Hawaii D. Mack (contributed talk)
Hall C Workshop Jan 5-7 Jefferson Lab W. van Oers
PAVI 2006 May 16-20 Milos, Greece S. Page (invited talk)
CAP Congress June 11-14 St Catherines, Canada D. Ramsey (invited talk)
Few Body 18 Aug 21-26 Sao Paulo, Brazil Nucl. Phys. A790:8, 2007 W. van Oers
WONP Feb 5-8 Havana, Cuba D. Ramsey (invited talk)
INPC 2007 June 3-7 Tokyo, Japan Nucl.Phys.A805:329, 2008 W. van Oers (invited talk)
DNP Oct 10 Newport News D. Mack (invited talk)
CAP Congress June 8-11 Quebec City, Canada P. Wang (contributed talk)
SPIN2008 October 6-11 Charlottesville, VA WWW M. Gericke (contributed talk)
INT: Low Energy Precision Electroweak Physics... November 3-16 Seattle, WA WWW W. van Oers (for Roger Carlini)
PANIC08 November 9-14 Eilat, Israel WWW A. Opper (contributed talk)
Hall C User's workshop January 30-31 Jefferson Lab WWW Katherine Myers
European Nuclear Physics Conference March 16-20 Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany WWW K. Grimm (contributed talk)
The Third Workshop of the APS Topical Group in Hadron Physics April 29 - May 01 Denver, CO WWW Julie Roche (invited talk)
Spring APS May 2-5 Denver, CO WWW David Armstrong (invited talk)
CIPANP (Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics) May 26-31 San Diego, CA WWW Paul King (invited talk); Mark Pitt (invited talk)
4th Int. Symp. on Symmetries in Subatomic Physics June 2 - 5 Taipei, Taiwan WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Congress June 7 - 10 Moncton, NB, Canada WWW Klaus Grimm (invited talk)
PAVI 2009 June 22-26 Bar Harbour, ME WWW Shelley Page (invited talk) Greg Smith (contributed talk)
APS/DNP meeting Oct. 13-17 Waikoloa, Hawaii WWW several contributed talks: Mack, Hoskins, Wang, Pan, Leckey, Leacock, Myers
VIII Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications 15 - 19 December 2009 Santiago, Chile WWW Michael Gericke
APS "April" meeting February 13 - 17 Washington, DC WWW Contributed talks: Siyuan, Buddhini, Rakitha, Wouter, Amrendra
Tony Thomas Festchrift February 15-19 Adelaide, Australia AIP Conf. Proc. 1261, 172 (2010) R. Carlini (invited talk)
MENU 2010 May 31-June 4 Williamsburg, VA WWW Wouter Deconinck (contributed talk)
FINUSTAR-3 August 23-27 Rhodos, Greece WWW John Leckey (poster presentation)
SPIN 2010 September 27 - October 2 Forschungszentrum Julich WWW Wim van Oers (contributed talk)
NAPP October 3-8 Dubrovnik, Croatia WWW Paul King
APS/DNP meeting Nov 3-6 Sante Fe, New Mexico WWW Katherine Myers (contributed talk)
Precision Tests of the Standard Model Nov 8-12 ECT*, Trento, Italy WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
Weak Interactions and Neutrinos Workshop January 31 - February 5 University of Capetown, South Africa WWW Mark Dalton
Winter Nuclear Particle Physics Conf. February Banff, Alberta, Canada WWW Michael Gericke (invited talk)
APS April meeting April 15-18 Anaheim, CA WWW Contributed Talks: Armstrong, Subedi, Yang, MacEwan, Jones, Nuruzzaman, Leacock, Cornejo
JLab Users Group Meeting June 6-8 Newport News, VA WWW John Leacock (invited talk)
CAP Congress July 13-17 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada WWW Michael Gericke (invited talk)
IX Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications July 18-22 Quito, Ecuador
(Contact: Ricardo Alarcon)
WWW John Leckey (contributed talk)
PANIC 24 - 29 July Cambridge MA WWW Roger Carlini; posters by Josh Hoskins, Josh Magee
Rutherford Centennial Conference August 8-12 Manchester, UK WWW Dave Mack
APS/DPF meeting August 9-13 Providence RI Jean-Francois Rajotte
5th Asia-Pacific Few-Body Conference APFB11 August 22-26 Seoul, South Korea WWW Jeong Han Lee (invited plenary talk)
New Trends in High Energy Physics Sept 3-10 Crimea, Ukraine WWW Vladas Tvaskis (invited talk)
PAVI 2011 Sept 5-9 Rome, Italy WWW Katherine Myers (invited talk), Greg Smith (invited talk - target), Amrendra Naryan (contributed talk - Compton), Dave Mack (contributed talk - detectors etc.)
XIV Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics Sept 20-24 JINR, Dubna, Russia WWW Wouter Deconinck (invited talk)
CAM 2011 graduate student conf. Sept 29-Oct 1 Washington D.C. WWW contributed talks: Scott, Buddhini, Adesh
SESAPS meeting Oct 19-22 Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech) contributed talks: Josh M., Josh H., Amrendra, John Leacock
NWAPS meeting Oct 20-22 Corvallis, OR (Oregon State U.) Larry Lee (invited talk)
APS/DNP meeting Oct 26-29 East Lansing, MI WWW contributed talks: Rakitha, Katherine, Rob, Adesh, Amrendra
4th Int. Workshop HEP in the LHC Era January 4-10 Valparaiso, Chile WWW Dave Mack (invited talk)
Hall C User's Workshop January 13-14 Newport News, VA M. Dalton(overview), V. Tvaskis(polarimetry), S. Yang (Tracking)
APS Spring meeting March 31-April 3 Atlanta GA WWW contributed talks: Don, Rob, Manolis, Amrendra
Quark Nuclear Physics 2012 April 16-20 Palaiseau, France WWW Paul King
CIPANP (Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics) May 29-June 3 St. Petersburg FL WWW Rakitha (invited), Buddhini (invited), Nuruzzaman, Katherine, Peiqing, Scott (poster), Adesh (poster)
JLab Users Group Meeting June 4-6 Newport News WWW Wouter Deconinck (invited talk)
CAP Congress June 14-18 Calgary, Canada WWW Jie Pan, Peiqing Wang (contributed talks)
Symmetries in Subatomic Physics June 18-22 Groningen, Netherlands WWW Michael Gericke (invited talk) (Proceedings)
Electron-Nucleus Scattering XII Workshop June 25-29 Elba, IT WWW Jim Birchall (invited talk)
SPIN-Praha-2012 July 1-8 Prague, Czech Republic WWW Silviu Covrig (invited talk)
Hadron Physics in China and USA July 16-20 Beijing, China Allena Opper (invited talk)
Gordon Photonuclear Conf. August 5-10 Holderness, NH WWW Katherine Myers (invited talk)
SUSY 2012 August 13-18 Beijing 2012 WWW Mark Pitt (invited talk)
SPIN2012 Sept 17-22 JINR Dubna, Russia WWW John Leacock (invited talk), Vladas Tvaskis (invited talk)
DNP2012 October 24-27 Newport Beach, CA Mark Dalton (invited talk), Juan Carlos Cornejo (contributed talk), Amrendra Naryan (contributed talk), Rob Mahurin (contributed talk)
Hall C Users meeting Jan 24-25 JLab WWW Scott MacEwan (invited talk)
PEB Workshop Mar 14-16 MIT WWW Mark Pitt
APS Group on Hadronic Physics Workshop April 10-12 Denver, CO WWW Brad Sawatzky (invited talk)
CAP Annual Congress May 27-31 Montreal, PQ, Canada WWW Juliette Mammei (invited talk)
JLab Users Meeting May 29-31 Jefferson Lab WWW Joshua Magee (invited talk)
INPC2013 June 2-7 Florence, Italy WWW Greg Smith (proceedings)
Baryons 2013 June 24-28 Glasgow, Scotland WWW Damon Spayde
Hadron Structure 2013 June 30-July 4 Tatranske Matliare, Slovakia WWW Rakitha Beminiwattha
European High Energy Physics conference July 18-24 Stockholm, Sweden WWW Michael Gericke
Hall C Summer Workshop August 15-16 Jefferson Lab WWW Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis
2013 CAM Graduate Student Physics Conf. August 18-21 Waterloo, Ont., Canada WWW Valerie Gray
Int. Conf. New Frontiers in Physics August 28-Sept 25 Kolymbari, Crete, Greece WWW Nuruzzaman
3rd Workshop on Physics of Fundamental Symmetries Sept 9-12 PSI. Switzerland WWW Allena K. Opper
D-SPIN 2013 October 8-12 JINR Dubna, Russia WWW Joshua Hoskins (invited talk)
MENU 2013 Sept 30-October 4 Rome, Italy WWW David Armstrong (parallel talk) (proceedings)
DNP Fall Meeting October 23-26 Newport News, VA contributed talks: Adesh, Scott, Josh M, Josh H, Jim, Nuruzzuman, Wade, Anna
Circum-Pan-Pacific Symp. on High Energy Spin Physics Oct 28 - 31 Ji'nan, China WWW Don Jones (invited talk)
EINN2013 Oct 28 - Nov. 2-26 Paphos, Cyprus WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
10th LASNPA Dec. 1-6 Monte Video, Uruguay WWW Juan Carlos Cornejo (invited talk)
gamma-Z Box(ing) workshop Dec. 16-17 Newport News, VA WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
Hall C Users Meeting February 21-23 Jefferson Lab Buddhini Waidyawansa, Adesh Subedi
28th Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Assie February 23 - March 1 La Thuile, Aosta, Italy WWW Manolis Kargiantoulakis
APS April Meeting April 5-8 Savannah, Georgia WWW Amrendra Naryan (contributed talk)
Asia Pacific Few-Body Conf. April 7-11 Hahndorf, Australia WWW Paul King (invited talk)
NWAPS May 1-3 Seattle, WA WWW Lawrence Lee (invited talk)
MESON 2014 May 29-June 3 Cracow, Poland WWW Mark Pitt (invited talk)
JLab Users Group June 2-4 Newport News WWW Buddhini Waidyawansa (invited talk)
CAP Annual Congress June 16-20 Sudbury, ON, Canada WWW Shelley Page (invited talk)
Elba XII Electron-Nucleus Scattering Workshop June 23-27 Elba, Italy WWW Greg Smith (invited talk)
ICHEP July 2-7 Valencia, Spain WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
PAVI 2014 July 14-18 Skaneateles, NY WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
US/China Hadron 2014 Workshop July 22-25 Lanzhou, China WWW Rupesh Silwal (invited talk)
Int. Conf. on New Frontiers in Physics July 31-August 6 Kolymbari, Crete, Greece WWW Kent Paschke (invited talk)
Gordon Photonuclear August 10-15 Holderness, NH WWW Buddhini Waidyawansa (invited talk)
PANIC 14 August 24-29 Hamburg, Germany WWW Paul King (contributed talk)
Quark Confinement and the Structure of Hadrons Sept. 8-12 St. Petersburg, Russia WWW Joshua Magee (invited talk)
Mid-Atlantic Section of APS Meeting Oct 3-5 Pennsylvania State U., University Park, PA
Joint Meeting of the APS/DNP and JPS Oct 7-11 Waikaloa, HI contributed talks: Carlini, Dowd, Gray, MacEwan, Smith, Spayde
SPIN 2014 Oct 20-24 Beijing, China WWW Dave Mack (invited talk)
Hall C Users Meeting Jan 15-16 Jefferson Lab Donald Jones, Greg Smith, Jim Dowd
31st Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics Jan 25-31 Keystone Resort, CO Wouter Deconinck (invited talk)
GHP15 Workshop April 8-10 Baltimore, MD Scott MacEwan
APS April Meeting April 11-14 Baltimore, MD Kurtis Bartlett, Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis
DIS 2015 April 27-May 1 Dallas, TX David Gaskell (invited talk)
CIPANP 2015 May 25-29 Vail, Colorado WWW Roger Carlini, Mark Dalton, Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis, Nuruzzaman
JLab Users Meeting June 1-3 Jefferson Lab Mark Dalton
Symmetries in Nuclear Physics June 7-13 Victoria, BC Greg Smith (invited talk), Jie Pan (poster)
CAP Annual Congress June 15-19 Edmonton, AB Michael Gericke (invited talk)
Hall A/C Joint collaboration meeting July 17-18 Jefferson Lab Juan-Carlos Cornejo
7th Workshop on Hadron Physics August 3-7 Kunshan, China Mark Pitt (invited talk)
Dubna-Spin 2015 Sept 8-12 JINR Dubna, Russia Jim Dowd (invited talk)
Canada-America-Mexico Grad Student Conf. Sept 10-12 Oaxaca, Mexico Valerie Gray, Anna Lee, Wade Duvall
Intersections of BSM Phenomenology and QCD Sept 28-Oct 2 INT Seattle, WA Paul King
APS DNP Fall Meeting October 28-31 Santa Fe, New Mexico Roger Carlini (overview), Valerie Gray, Greg Smith, Kurtis Bartlett
EINN 2015 November 2-7 Paphos, Cyprus Dipangkar Dutta (invited talk)
Int. Workshop on High Energy Physics in the LHC era January 12-16 Valparaiso, Chile Dave Mack
Hall C Users meeting January 21-22 Jefferson Lab Kurtis Bartlett, Martin McHugh
APS April meeting April 16-19 Salt Lake City, UT Wouter Deconinck, Ciprian Gal
Baryons 2016 May 16-20 Tallahassee, FL WWW Anna Lee
Lepton-Nucleus Scattering XIV June 27-July 1 Elba, Italy WWW Kent Paschke (invited talk)
Physics Beyond the Standard Model and Precision Nucleon Structure Aug 1-5 ECT*, Trento, Italy WWW David Armstrong (invited talk)
8th Workshop on Hadron Physics in China August 8-11 Wuhan, China WWW Jie Pan
Quark Confinement and Hadron Spectrum August 29- Sept 3 Thessaloniki, Greece WWW Wade Duvall (Proceedings)
Int. Nuclear Physics Conference Sept 11-16 Adelaide, Australia WWW Roger Carlini
Spin 2016 Sept 26-30 Champaign-Urbana, IL WWW Martin McHugh
APS DNP Fall Meeting Oct 13-16 Vancouver, Canada WWW Greg Smith
SESAPS Nov 10-12 Charlottesville, VA WWW Jim Dowd
Lepton-Photon 2017 Aug 6-12 Guangzhou, China WWW Wouter Deconinck (invited talk)
PANIC 2017 Sept 1-7 Beijing, China WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
Hadron 2017 Sept 25-27 Salamanca, Spain WWW Paul King (invited talk)
Latin-American Symp. on Nuclear Physics and Applications Oct 23-27 Havana, Cuba WWW Neven Simicevic (invited talk)
APS DNP Fall meeting Oct 25-28 Pittsburgh, PA WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk), Greg Smith, Kurtis Bartlett, Jim Dowd, Cip Gal (contributed talks)
EINN 2017 Oct 29-Nov 4 Paphos, Cyprus WWW David Armstrong (invited talk)
Exploring the Nuclear Frontier Nov 15-18 College Station, Texas WWW Willem van Oers (invited talk)
SESAPS 2017 Nov 16-18 Milledgeville, Georgia WWW David Armstrong (invited talk)
Int. Conf. High Energy Physics in the LHC era Jan 8-12 Valparaiso, Chile WWW Ciprian Gal (invited talk)
Hall C Users Meeting Jan 22-23 Jefferson Lab Jie Pan, Kurtis Bartlett
PVES 2018 Apr 23-May 4 MITP, Mainz, Germany WWW David Armstrong (invited talk)
CIPANP 2018 May 28-Jun 3 Indian Wells, CA WWW Kent Paschke (invited plenary talk)
Symmetries in Subatomic Physics 2018 June 11-15 Aachen, Germany WWW Mark Pitt (invited talk)
Workshop on Hadron Physics July 26-20 Weihei, China WWW Dave Mack (invited talk)
CAP Annual Congress June 11-15 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada WWW Michael Gericke(invited talk)
Few Body 2018 July 9-13 Caen, France WWW Allena Opper (invited plenary talk)
Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum Aug 1-6 Maynooth, Ireland WWW Wouter Deconinck (invited talk)
European Nucl. Phys. (EUNPC2018) Sept 2-7 Bologna, Italy WWW Roger Carlini (invited talk)
SPIN 2018 Sept 10-14 Ferrara, Italy WWW Greg Smith (invited talk)
DNP & Japanese Phys. Soc. Oct 23-27 Waikoloa, Hawaii WWW

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