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Hall C Summer Workshop, August 15-16, 2013

CEBAF Center F113

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hall C Updates
9:00-9:20Hall C StatusS. Wood
9:20-9:5012 GeV Project UpdateH. Fenker
9:50-10:20Hall C Cryotarget PlansS. Covrig
10:20-10:35Coffee Break 

JLab Updates
10:35-11:05Four hall operation and injector updatesR. Kazimi
11:05-11:35Hall D UpdateA. Somov
11:35-12:05New Pipelined DAQC. Cuevas

12 GeV Planning
1:15-1:40Hall C DAQ plansB. Sawatzky
1:40-2:00Tests of CAEN 1190 Multi-hit TDCsS. Malace
2:00-2:30Commissioning experiments run planI. Niculescu
2:30-3:00Hall C software upgrade progressM. Jones
3:00-3:15Coffee Break 

12 GeV Experiments
3:15-3:45Precision Measurements and Studies of a Possible Nuclear Dependence of R=σLTS. Malace
3:45-4:15The Deuteron Tensor Structure Function b1D. Keller
4:15-4:45Neutral Particle Spectrometer Project in Hall CV. Tadevosyan
4:45-5:15Exclusive Deeply Virtual Compton and Neutral Pion Cross Section Measurements in Hall CR. Paremuzyan
Friday, August 16, 2013

SHMS Fields
9:15-9:45SHMS Fringe FieldsR. Carlini

Short Range Correlations and EMC Effect
9:45-10:15Hall A SRC measurementZ. Ye
10:15-10:45Data Mining for Short Range CorrelationsL. Weinstein
10:45-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-12:00Mass dependence and scaling properties of nuclear short-range correlations
(Physics Division Seminar)
W. Cosyn

Alternate Career Paths
1:30-2:00Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryG. Warren
2:00-2:30Teaching at an undergraduate institutionG. Niculescu
2:30-3:00Working in the Financial SectorP. McKee
3:00-3:15Coffee Break 

L/T Separation and Qweak Updates
3:15-3:45Rosen07V. Mamyan
3:45-4:15Hall C Super RosenbluthD. Day
4:15-4:45Qweak Analysis UpdateE. Kargiantoulakis
7:00-Social Gathering