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A Next Generation Photon Science Facility at Jefferson Lab.


Jefferson Laboratory is proposing JLAMP (JLab AMPlifier), a 4th generation light source covering the range 10 eV - 100 eV in the fundamental mode with harmonics to 1 keV. The scientific purpose is to study ultrafast dynamics in complex systems as a pathway to the understanding and creation of novel materials and devices, with a focus on changing our approach to the use of energy and on our stewardship of the environment.

Expert groups of physicists and chemists have identified the gamechanging science offered by such a machine. This light source is based on an energy upgrade to an existing energy recovering linac (ERL) at Jefferson Lab, made possible by advances in superconducting technology. Specifically, gradients of 20 MV/m and recirculation allow electron beam energies of >600 MeV to be achieved at repetition rates up to 4 MHz with continuouswave rf.

The average brightness of this device would substantially exceed existing light sources in its wavelength range. Multiple photon sources are made available for pump-probe dynamical studies. Due to the many advantages conferred by JLab's existing infrastructure, such a facility can be established in three years.

To build JLAMP and operate it for users would be to advance substantially the science and technology of accelerators and light sources in ways that would be performance-enhancing and costsaving for future large projects.

For more details and additional information please see this document.