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HPS Shift Nomenclature and Institutional Contacts

AcronymName of InstituteLocationSister InstituteContactEmail
CUA Catholic University of America Local - Greg Kalicy
GLASGOW University of Glasgow Foreign - Bryan McKinnon
INFNC INFN Catania Foreign - Marzio De Napoli
INFNG INFN Genova Foreign - Raffaella DeVita
INFNP INFN Padova Foreign - Gabriele Simi
INFNR INFN Roma Foreign - Annalisa D'Angelo
INFNS INFN Sassari Foreign - Valeria Sipala
INFNT INFN Torino Foreign - Alessandra Filippi
JLAB Jefferson Lab Local - Stepan Stepanyan
ODU Old Dominion University Local - Stephen Bueltmann
ORSAY Orsay Foreign - Raphael Dupre
SBU Stony Brook University Domestic - Rouven Essig
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Facitlity Domestic - Mathew Graham
UCSC University of California Santa Cruz Domestic - Robert Johnson
UNH University of New Hampshire Domestic - Maurik Holtrop
YEREVAN Yerevan Foreign - Nerses Gevorgyan

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