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Hall C @ 12 GeV Meeting - April 9-10, 2002

Tuesday, April 9
09:00 Welcome and Organizational Remarks Rolf Ent
9:10 SHMS Monte Carlo, Acceptance, Optics Rolf Ent
9:45 Mechanical design aspects of the forward angle, and increased solid angle modes of the SHMS design Paul Brindza
10:10 SIMC with SHMS John Arrington
10:25 coffee break
10:40 Pion Form Factor Dave Mack
11:05 GEp/GMp with an 11 GeV Electron Beam Charles Perdrisat
11:25 Wide Angle Compton Scattering Bogdan Wojtsekhowski
11:45 N-Delta, N-S11 Paul Stoler
12:05 lunch break
1:30 Transition Radiation Detectors Jim Dunne
2:00 Low Pressure Gas Cherenkov Detector and Electromagnetic Calorimeter Razmik Asaturyan
Vardan Tadevosyan
2:30 Wire chambers Howard Fenker
Ioana Niculescu
3:00 coffee break
3:30 Hard Exclusive Electroproductions of Pseudoscaler Mesons at JLab Harut Avagyan
3:50 Exclusive Pion Electroproduction at 12 GeV Dipangkar Dutta
4:10 Kaon Electroproduction Pete Markowitz
4:30 Color Transparency Rolf Ent
4:50 Exclusive Pion Photoproduction at 12 GeV Dipangkar Dutta

Wednesday April 10
9:00 Semi-inclusive Electroproduction of Pions Thia Keppel
9:20 Spin Structure Functions Oscar Rondon
9:40 Single Spin Asymmetries Harut Avagyan
10:00 x > 1 John Arrington
10:20 coffee break
10:50 RICH / High Pressure Cherenkov Detector Garth Huber
11:20 Hodoscopes Dave Mack
11:50 Aerogel detector Joerg Reinhold
12:20 DAQ/Electronics Steve Wood
12:30 lunch break
2:00 Theoretical Perspectives Andrei Afanasev
Wally Melnitchouk
Anatoly Radyushkin
3:00 Discussion (Rolf Ent, leader)
Where do we go from here?

Discussion (Paul Stoler and Thia Keppel, leaders)
Organization of Work