Soldering of Rigid-Flex Assemblies (doc) (Mark Stevens)

Processing of Sense and Field Wire (pdf) (Bill Crahen)

Stack Assembly Instructions: (docx) (Bill Crahen)

Procedures for Inspecting and Troubleshooting of the Wire Frames for the Full-Scale FDC Prototype: GlueX-doc-1328 (Fernando Barbosa)

Preamp Connector Integrity Test Procedures Using the FDC_TEST PCB: GlueX-doc-1327 (Rich Rines and Fernando Barbosa)

Cathode Frame Assembly Instructions: (docx) (Bill Crahen)

IUCF Trip Report (Wire frame transport): (doc) (Mark Stevens)

IUCF Trip Report: GlueX-doc-1229 (Bill Crahen)

Wire Frame Assembly Instructions: (doc) (Bill Crahen)

Component Soldering Guidlines for FDC Wire Frame Circuit Boards: (pdf) (Kim Shinault)

Electrical Measurements and Procedures for the Acceptance of the FDC Cathode Foils: GlueX-doc-1082 (Fernando Barbosa)

Assembly and Cleaning of Prototype FDC Wire Boards: (pdf) (Fernando Barbosa and Kim Shinault)

Wire Frame PCB Acceptance Document: (pdf) (Kim Shinault)

FDC Wire Specification and Test Document: (doc) (DSC)

FDC Clean Room Procedures: (doc) (Brian Kross)

Last modified: February 16, 2010
Daniel S. Carman