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md5.h File Reference

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struct  md5_state_s


typedef unsigned char md5_byte_t
typedef unsigned int md5_word_t
typedef struct md5_state_s md5_state_t


void md5_init (md5_state_t *pms)
void md5_append (md5_state_t *pms, const md5_byte_t *data, int nbytes)
void md5_finish (md5_state_t *pms, md5_byte_t digest[16])

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char md5_byte_t

Definition at line 63 of file md5.h.

typedef struct md5_state_s md5_state_t
typedef unsigned int md5_word_t

Definition at line 64 of file md5.h.

Function Documentation

void md5_append ( md5_state_t pms,
const md5_byte_t data,
int  nbytes 

Definition at line 323 of file md5.c.

References md5_state_s::buf, md5_state_s::count, and md5_process().

Referenced by MyEntityResolver::GetMD5_checksum(), and md5_finish().

void md5_finish ( md5_state_t pms,
md5_byte_t  digest[16] 

Definition at line 361 of file md5.c.

References md5_state_s::abcd, md5_state_s::count, md5_append(), and pad.

Referenced by MyEntityResolver::GetMD5_checksum().

void md5_init ( md5_state_t pms)

Definition at line 313 of file md5.c.

References md5_state_s::abcd, md5_state_s::count, and T_MASK.

Referenced by MyEntityResolver::GetMD5_checksum().