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IR FEL Songsheets

In order to view these songsheets, you must download and install AutoVue. (Instructions)

Region Installation Element Configuration
0F - INJECTOR 07001-E-0001 07050-E-0001 rev-
1F - LINAC 07001-E-0003 07050-E-0003 rev-
2F - IR WIGGLER 07001-E-0005
07050-E-0005 rev-
3F - 1st RECIRCULATION ARC 07001-E-0008 07050-E-0008 rev-
4F - LOW ENERGY BACK LEG 07001-E-0009 07050-E-0009 rev-
5F - 2d RECIRCULATION ARC 07001-E-0010 07050-E-0010 rev-
0G - INJECTOR DUMP 07001-E-0002 07050-E-0002 rev-
1G - RECIRCULATING DUMP 07001-E-0004 07050-E-0004 rev-
2G - STRAIGHT AHEAD DUMP 07001-E-0007 07050-E-0007 rev-