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The 6th International Workshop on Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls

October 24-27, 2006
CEBAF Center
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA USA


"Standardization of the PSI accelerator control systems"A. Mezger (PSI. Switzerland)
"Status of ISAC Control System"Ch. Payne (TRIUMF, Canada)
"First operation with SPARC control system"G. Di Pirro (INFN, Italy)
"EPICS ArchiveViewer Project Status"S. Chevtsov (SLAC, USA)
"Device Address Redirection as a Tool in the TINE Control System"S. Herb (DESY, Germany)
"Web GUIs for the TANGO control system"L. Zambon (ELETTRA, Italy)
"A Communication Protocol for a Distributed Control System with LabVIEW"L. Catani (INFN, Italy)
"SNS IOCs Use of Relational Database to Supply Configuration Files"D. Purcell
"LivEPICS: An EPICS Linux Live CD for small applications, training and fly tests"M. Giacchini (INFN, Italy)
"Control System Using FL-net for Communication between Different PLC"A. Osanai (Kyoto Univ., Japan)