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Electron-Nucleus Scattering XIV

Marciana Marina, Isola d'Elba
June 27-July 1, 2016


Flying to Italy
If you plan to fly to Italy, you will probably be landing in Milano or Roma. We suggest that you also consider the possibility of flying to Pisa and/or to Elba. Daily flights connect Pisa to Frankfurt, Munich, London and Paris. You can also fly directly to Elba. This airport, smaller and less known, is connected to Bern, Bonn-Cologne, Milano (Orio al Serio airport) and Munich.

How to reach Elba

If you arrive at ROME airport
- Continue by plane to PISA.

- Continue by train: there is a regular train connection from the airport to Ostiense Station. From Ostiense Station there are several trains (direction Pisa-Genova) which stop in Campiglia, where you have to change train to Piombino Marittima. The train trip from Roma Ostiense to Campiglia takes 2.5 hours, the train trip from Campiglia to Piombino Marittima takes about half an hour.

Unfortunately, in June a new summer train schedule will be enforced, which will not be available before the end of May. We regret that we are unable to provide you at this time with detailed train information. However, the summer schedule will be available online at

If you arrive at PISA airport
Continue by train: there is a bus (#7) from the airport to the railway station. It takes about 10 minutes (buy your ticket at the newspaper stand in the airport main building). There are several trains (direction Livorno-Grosseto-Roma) which stop in Campiglia where you have to change to Piombino Marittima. The train trip from Pisa Centrale to Campiglia takes 1.5 hours, the train trip from Campiglia to Piombino Marittima takes about half an hour.

When you arrive at Piombino Marittima
Piombino Marittima is the harbour where ferry-boats leave to Portoferraio (the main harbour on the Island of Elba). The boat trip to Portoferraio takes 1 hour. Tickets can be bought directly at the harbour-offices of the three boat companies (TOREMAR, MOBY LINES and ELBA FERRIES).

When you arrive in Portoferraio - Island of Elba
People arriving on their own in Portoferraio may get help and information from personnel of the Tourist Board Office (Azienda di Promozione Turistica, Calata Italia 26, located on the ground floor of the tallest building on the harbour) from 16.00 to 21.00. If you arrive later than 21.00, you can take a cab (the approximate cost of a taxi ride from Portoferraio to Marciana Marina is 30 euro).