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Light Meson Decays Workshop
August 5, 2012
Jefferson Lab
CEBAF Center

Newport News, Virginia USA


CLAS collaboration has collected a huge number of events with light mesons (pi0, eta, omega, eta' and phi). In many cases the data samples are the world's largest.

The goal of the meeting is to provide motivations for light meson decays studies and to understand the impact of the CLAS data. The meeting is jointly orgainized with the European Union funded MesonNet and will take place in connection with the Chiral Dynamics conference on Sunday, August 5th in the meeting room L102/L104 in CEBAF Center.

Organizing Committee:
Moskov Amaryan (chair) (Old Dominion University)
Andrzej Kupsc (co-chair) (University of Uppsala)
Michael Pennington (JLAB)
Susan Schadmand (IKP Juelich)
Veronique Ziegler (JLAB)

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