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Detector & Imaging Group: Technical Notes

The Detector and Imaging Group often writes technical documents about some of their studies. These documents are informal, and are not published. Below is a list of links to abstracts for the documents. If you wish to obtain a copy of the original paper(s) please email Stan Majewski or stop by his office in CEBAF Center, room C104.

Study of PMT sensitivity to X-rays, 9/5/94

Studies of gain stability and linearity of XP2050 Photomultipliers, 8/15/94

Test Results of the Hamamatsu Ultra Compact R5600U Photomultiplier Tube, 2/23/94

Highly Stable PMTs-news, 2/20/94

CLAS Start Counter, 2/20/94

Highly Stable PMTs, 2/7/94

X-ray Mini-Probes for the Digiray Setup, 12/18/93

Embedded Waveshifting Fiber Readout of Long Scintillators, Oct 93

Dark Counts Tests on XP4512b, 9/10/93

Individual Photomultiplier Monitoring Using Small Scintillating Crystals, 7/29/93

Study of a FEU-115M Photomultiplier, Part III, 7/22/93

Studies of rate stability of XP2282B and XP3462B Photomultipliers, 6/28/93

Study of a FEU-115M Photomultiplier, Part II, 6/25/93

Study of a FEU-115M Photomultiplier, 6/12/93

Linearity Studies of Photomultipliers and Voltage Dividers for the CLAS Calorimeter, 6/10/93

Evaluation of Linearity of PMT Bases for the CLAS Calorimeter, Progress report, 3/27/93

Scan Test Results on Three 5 Inch Diameter Photomultiplier Tubes

Flexible Liquid Lightguide, 11/18/92

Test of the New Yerevan Grooved Scintillators, 11/9/92

Comments on Time Resolution of the CLAS Shower Counters, 11/8/92

Preliminary Amplitude and Time Response Scans of an XP4312B PMT, 11/4/92

Comparison of Waveshifting Fiber Readout vs Clear Fiber Readout of Yerevan Scintillators, 10/19/92

New Results with the Tagger Prototypes, 10/14/92

Embedded Waveshifting Fiber Readout for the CLAS Shower Counters, 10/13/92

Update on the single photoelectron response of mesh dynode PMTs, 8/12/92

Further Crosstalk Reduction in Hamamatsu R4760 Multi-channel PMT, 4/6/92

PMT Base for use with the BURLE 8854 PMT, 4/6/92

Tests of operational inefficiency of the CLAS drift chambers in the end-plate/feedthrough region-part I, 3/5/92

Reduction of Ringing in a Fast Sidewindow PMT, 2/8/92

Memo on Waveshifting Fiber Readout of Long Scintillators, 11/13/91