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Project Management Office


Kelly K. Krug, Project Management Office Manager
(757) 269-6044,

Christine Fragapane, Project Management Executive Assistant
(757) 269-7502,

Claus H. Rode, 12 GeV Upgrade Project Manager
(757) 269-7511,


Program Development & Planning
The Program Development function of Project Management Office serves three main purposes:
1. Monitor EVMS processes on Jefferson Lab projects and conducting an annual EVMS surveillance review to ensure the continued viability of the JSA Earned Value Management System.
2. Orchestrate the EVMS change control and variance analysis processes for Jefferson Lab projects to ensure accurate information is provided for project control.
3. Participate in initial project development for new Jefferson Lab projects to ensure full integration with JSA EVMS processes and procedures.

Contact: Dennis Miner, Program Development Engineer, (757) 269-7281,

Program Control
The Program Control Group is responsible for tracking/reporting the spending against annual budgets and the Earned Value Management of JLab projects. This effort includes the tracking of all Earned Value elements including Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS), Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP) (the progress against the schedule) and Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP).
These elements measured together reflect the full status of the project for the Project Managers and Lab management. The group's duties also include AWP coordination, tracking/reporting of all expenditures ensuring spending is within budget, and analyzing budget versus actual costs incurred. Spending estimates are calculated to forecast the duration of available funds.

Contact: Valerie James, Program Control Analyst, (757) 269-5877,

Project Planning & Systems Maintenance
The Project Planning and Systems Group partners with Lab leadership and staff to provide project management support. The team of planners/schedulers works with Project personnel to develop resource loaded schedules for planning and earned value management purposes. In addition, the group assists with Project analyzes and provides associated information and reports.

Patrick Collins, Planner/Scheduler, (757) 269-5935,
Phil Kessler, Planner/Scheduler, (757) 269-7705,

Mailing Address: Jefferson Science Associates, 12000 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 15, Newport News, VA 23606