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12 GeV Upgrade Status

Project Execution (Construction)

DOE - convened Progress Reviews:

Supporting Construction (JLab-convened reviews to date):

Critical Decision Three (CD-3)

The project received CD-3 (Approve Construction Start) on Sept. 15, 2008. Construction funds are requested in the President's Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request, and project completion is planned for 2015. "Today's approval is truly historic," said Dr. Jehanne Simon-Gillo, acting associate director of DOE's Office of Science for Nuclear Physics. "The 12 GeV CEBAF upgrade will enable scientists to seek answers to some of Nature's most perplexing questions, expand our knowledge of the universe and benefit people around the world. The project also clearly demonstrates our Nation's commitment to remaining in the forefront of scientific exploration and discovery." CD-4 (Approve Start of Operations) is scheduled for 2015.

CD-3 Requirements:

Supporting CD-3 (JLab-convened reviews to date):

Critical Decision Two (CD-2)

The project received CD-2 (Approve Performance Baseline) on Nov. 9, 2007. Dr. Jehanne Simon-Gillo, the acting associate director for the DOE's Office of Science for Nuclear Physics, said the approval "marks a significant achievement for Jefferson Lab." She also added that, "The 12 GeV Upgrade Project will allow nuclear scientists to delve deeply into the heart of the nucleon, and will permit Jefferson Lab to remain a unique international facility for decades." CD-3 (Approve Construction Start) is expected in 2008 and CD-4 (Approve Start of Operations) scheduled for 2015.

CD-2 Requirements:

Supporting CD-2:

Critical Decision One (CD-1)

The project received CD-1 (Approve Alternative Selection and Cost Range) in February 2006 with an announcement made on Feb. 22nd by the Secretary of Energy, Samuel W. Bodman, during a visit to Jefferson Lab where it was also announced that President Bush's Fiscal Year 2007 budget request included $7 million for the 12 GeV Upgrade. The Project Engineering and Design (PED) phase is underway.

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Supporting CD-1:

CD-1 Requirements:

Science Review of the 12 GeV Upgrade

In support of the review process for the next critical decision, Jefferson Lab and the user community further defined and updated the scientific motivation. The Office of Nuclear Physics conducted a Science Review of the 12 GeV Upgrade in April 2005 using a panel of international experts to assess the major elements of the science program: gluonic excitations, the fundamental structure of hadrons, the physics of nuclei, and fundamental symmetry tests in nuclear physics. The panel concluded that the research is "unique to TJNAF and will not be possible at any other known facility in the foreseeable future", and that "the scientific opportunity afforded by the 12 GeV Upgrade is outstanding, providing the U.S. with unique world-leadership capabilities in studies of QCD and the quark structure of matter." Both the search for exotic mesons and the study of fundamental symmetries were noted as having "discovery potential."

Critical Decision Zero (CD-0)

The Critical Decision process was implemented by the U.S. Department of Energy to ensure that capital projects "are delivered on schedule, within budget, and fully capable of meeting mission performance and environmental, safety, and health standards." It is a five-step approval process that all capital projects, such as the 12 GeV Upgrade, must follow. The 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade of Jefferson Lab received Critical Decision Zero (CD-0) approval in March 2004. This affirmed that the Department of Energy had approved the mission need of the project which allowed Jefferson Lab scientists to proceed with the conceptual design and to request project funding.