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    Workshop on Physics Opportunities with 12-GeV Electrons
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
    January 13-15, 2000

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    Parallel Session Chairs are requested to organize and chair their sessions, lead the discussion, and initiate the process of drafting a report that identifies potential experiments that could lead to physics pre-proposals which drive the 12 GeV energy upgrade. A Board of Directors’ Representative is assigned to each Parallel Session to assist in this procedure.

    The emphasis of the parallel sessions should be on discussions and development of physics cases for the 12 GeV upgrade. The emphasis should be less on formal presentations. A model for the parallel sessions could be two or three presentations of 30 minutes to initiate the discussions, and additional short presentations at the discretion of the Chairs. The Chairs are urged to request the assistance of Users in the preparation of an initial draft of a report (computers will be made available).

    The Chairs are requested to lead a discussion on the compatibility of the present plans for beam, target, and detectors, and their physics subject. Do the present plans limit a full investigation of the best physics subjects to be studied at this energy? Are there viable alternatives?

    The Chairs are asked to choose a representative user (this could be one of the Chairs) to present a Summary talk at the last afternoon Workshop. A strong endorsement of the JLab User Community for the Physics cases supporting the 12 GeV upgrade, developed in the Chairs’ parallel session, will result in request to the Chairs to initiate mini-workshops on these subjects, with the intent of developing these cases into more complete proposals. The final proposals are expected to be concrete, with projected uncertainties based upon design characteristics of planned accelerator and equipment. Such proposals will be presented at the June 2000 JLab Users Meeting, and are intended to be part of the Conceptual Design Report for JLab’s 12 GeV Energy Upgrade program.

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