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Physics Division Work Planning Requirements

The following are Physics Division requirements related to work planning, control and authorization for projects and test set ups in all Physics division work areas across the laboratory. When planning the testing and commissioning of experimental equipment, careful consideration should be given to the hazards, consequences and cost of that equipment when doing the risk analysis. Things to consider are;

Location - Requirements such as power requirements, water, gas, cryogenics, safety boundaries

Dimensions, weight - How will it be held? If a support structure is used, who did the design/fabrication? How will it be positioned and moved?

Special Hazards associated to build/operate the setup - flammable materials, oxygen deficiency hazard, high pressure, radioactivity, toxic or noxious fumes, Repetitive handling/operation, special equipment (e.g. gloves)?

Electronic equipment - Was it developed in-house (including another lab or university). Was the equipment borrowed or bought? Was the equipment modified? We are required to check equipment which has no seal of approval from a Recognized Testing Laboratory.

Personnel to work on setup - Is the worker Jlab Staff, a professor, Student? Do they have previous experience working on the same or similar setups? Do any of the steps they will perform require specialized training (e.g. laser, ladder, lock & tag)? Do the personnel involved in this activity understand the risks involved and how will they be informed. If at this point you want to complete a written Task Hazard Analysis it can be found here

Physics Division Work Planning Requirements

  1. Review JLab EH&S Manual Chapter Appendix 3210 T1. The guidance provides the expectations and how we implement Integrated
  2. Safety Management System into planning and execution of work.
  3. If you are unsure, complete a written Task Hazard Analysis (THA) Worksheet for the work being planned: and links therein.

  4. When in doubt as to if a work test set up documentation is required, or you have related questions please feel free to contact the Physics Division EH&S Liaison or the Division Safety Officer.

  5. Additional guidance is available from The Hall engineers and Work coordinators, as well as members of the Detector, Fast Electronics and Spectrometer Support Groups. Click here for a link to these resources.