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Subject: Why the proton radius is smaller in Virginia
Speaker:    Douglas Higinbotham
Jefferson Lab
Date: Friday, May 13, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Place: CEBAF Center Auditorium
Abstract:Recent Muonic hydrogen Lamb shift measurements have determined the proton's charge radius to be 0.84 fm, a result systematically different from the CODATA value of 0.88 fm from atomic hydrogen Lamb shift and recent electron scattering results. I will review the history of the electron results, starting from the 1963 review article by Hand et al. with its 0.81(1)fm standard dipole radius, and track the evolution of the proton charge radius up to the recent 0.88(1)fm results from Mainz. I will then discuss why groups in Virginia (JLab, UVA, and W&M) are extracting a radius from the electron scattering data close to the Muonic result. I will also show how PRad will hopefully settle the issue.


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