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Informal Cake Seminars

Spring 2011 Informal Cake Seminars

Date Speaker Title Cake Sponsor
Jan 5 No Seminar
Jan 12 No Seminar
Jan 19 Wally Melnitchouk Pitfalls in extracting the proton weak charge from experiment (talk) Alberto
Jan 26 ROOM F224/225 Alvaro Calle Cordon Renormalization of one-boson-exchange interactions in the two-nucleon system (talk) Berni
Feb 2 No seminar
Feb 9 Satoshi Nakamura Effect of unitarity on three-pions decay of heavy meson resonances(abs)(talk) Hiroyuki
Feb 16 Mike Pennington ABC of Dalitz Analyses Christian
Feb 23 No seminar
Mar 2 Javier Cobos Martinez (JLab) Pion's properties from continuum modelling of strong QCD (talk) Mike
Mar 9 Peter Schweitzer (Uconn) Intrinsic transverse parton momenta (talk) no cake
Mar 16 No seminar
Mar 23 No seminar
Mar 30 Bingwei Long (JLab) Chiral EFT of Nuclear Forces - Renormalization and Power Counting (abs) Alexei
Apr 6 No seminar
Apr 13 No seminar: DIS2011
Apr 20 Dru Renner Hadronic corrections to electroweak observables (talk) Robert
Apr 27 Yaroslav Derbenev (JLab) A Covariant Approach to Unified Field Theory (abs) Vasiliy Morozov
May 4 TBA TBA -
May 11 Ben Bakker (Vrije University, The Netherlands) Lecture III: Light-Front Dynamics; Principles and Applications (abs) no cake
May 18 No seminar: NSTAR2011
May 25 TBA TBA -

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Bernhard Musch, Satoshi Nakamura and Alexei Prokudin if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.