ES&H Manual



1300 Appendix T2

Content Determination Procedure



1.0            Purpose


This procedure describes how content is determined to be appropriate for the Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) Manual. Factors include but are not limited to:


·         New/anticipated/previously unrecognized hazard issue.

·         New/changes to federal, state, or local laws/regulations which Jefferson Lab bases its procedures.

·         Changes to Jefferson Lab’s operations that affect the environment, safety, or health.

·         Changes/modification to Contract Requirements.


2.0            Scope


Mitigation for hazard issues listed within ES&H Manual Chapter 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List is required to be provided for within the ES&H Manual.


The process steps for this procedure are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 1300 Content Review Process.


3.0            Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated at the discretion of the responsible manager.


Responsibilities for each process step are outlined within the procedure.


4.0            Procedure


4.1              New Content Recommendations


Step 1:             Submit Content Recommendation

Anyone at Jefferson Lab may request a content review. Submit your request in writing to the ES&H Manual Editor. Include the following:

·         Requestor’s Name

·         Factor Initiating the Change (refer to Section 1.0 Purpose)

·         Number of People affected by the change

·         Likelihood of an Incident Occurring if the change is not implemented

·         Other information deemed relevant to the situation


Step 2:             Review Request

The ES&H Manual Editor submits content suggestions to the Associate Director – ES&H for review. The Requestor is then informed of the determination. 



Revision is not required

Work continues under current requirements.

Revision is deemed appropriate

Associate Director – ES&H assigns a Technical Point-of-Contact.

Go to Step 3 – Content Review


Step 3:             Content Review

The ES&H Manual Editor and the Technical Point-of-Content review content considered to be appropriate and incorporate changes in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 1300 Appendix T1 Content Review Procedure. 


5.0            Revision Summary


Revision 1.2 – 10/27/16 – Periodic Review; updated TPOC from M.J.Bailey to J.Bacon

Revision 1.1 – 10/10/11 – Periodic Review; streamlined and clarified process steps

Revision 1.0 – 10/27/08 - Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.











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