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5400 Appendix T2

Forms and Schedules



This appendix contains certain forms and content listings to assist files custodians in managing Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality (ESH&Q)-related records. Refer to the Jefferson Lab Records Management Handbook for assistance in knowing how, what, and when to use these forms.


Many activities previously completed with paper forms can now take place using online submission and request forms at http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/cio/IR/records/index.html.


ES&H Manual Chapter 5400 Appendix T1 Summary of ES&H Documentation Requirements contains information regarding most of the ESH&Q-related regulatory and contractual documentation and recordkeeping requirements at Jefferson Lab.


·         Figure 1: Records Inventory and Disposition Schedule (RIDS)

This is the Department of Energy (DOE) form 1324.10 (a sample form follows) that is used to maintain the records inventory and identify disposition authority of all records maintained by a files custodian. In general, this form is used when a record file system is initially established. This is accomplished by the files custodian in coordination with the Jefferson Lab Records Manager.


The RIDS should be used to maintain information of all ESH&Q-related records for which you are responsible, including records in storage. The information contained on this form is a summary of existing files, and how and when they can be appropriately disposed of. Using this form simplifies the review process when it comes time to dispose of old records.

o   An example -Environment Management Files. The disposition authority is DOE Records Schedule (DOERS) which determines the authorized disposition of the record. The disposition authority is cited at DOERS 1.(2) for these particular records, which states to destroy when 15 years old.


·         Figure 2: Records Disposition and Retrieval Request (RDR) Form

This form is used for all document transactions between a files custodian and the Records Manager.


This form must be submitted to the Records Manager whenever a files custodian wishes to place or retrieve a file from the records storage room. Using this form will help to track all record transactions, ensuring that documents do not become misplaced.

o   An example -Radiation Control Exposure Records. Since these files must be kept for an extended period of time (75 years), it may be beneficial to transfer these files to the records storage room. Complete the RDR and submit it, along with the files to be stored, to the Records Manager.


This form is used by the divisions/departments to maintain a record of the storage and disposition of records, including ESH&Q-related information. This form should be used when maintaining internal records within the office, as well as to keep track of records that have been sent to the records storage area.


The Records Log Form contains information on the storage location of your files, as well as a description of the record and disposal date.


This Records Schedule is acceptable guidance for determining retention requirements, and should be used when conducting your inventory. The table of contents is included in Table 1.

o   Schedules that may be of use include Schedule I which contains information for Civilian Personnel Records, including medical records and personal injury records.

This form (not included) may be used to request a disposition schedule from the DOE when records at hand do not appropriately fit into established schedules. This form is typically used by the Records Manager for correspondence with the DOE, and will seldom be used by other staff.


For further assistance with these forms or documents, contact the Jefferson Lab Records Manager at ext. 7805.


Figure 1: Records Inventory and Disposition Schedule (RIDS)

Figure 2: Records Disposition and Retrieval Request (RDR) Form


Figure 3: Records Log Form


Table 1: Jefferson Lab Records Schedules Table of Contents



Human Resources



Business Services (Procurement and Finance)



Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality/Occupational Medicine



Facility/Facilities Management



Project Costs, Inventory and Accounting



Research and Development (Physics and Accelerator) Project Records



R&D Program Management Records



R&D Collaborations and Technology Transfer



Legal, Auditing, and Administration



Director/Public Relations


Text Box: NOTE: The schedules presented herein are specific to Jefferson Laboratory.  The laboratory recognizes the National Archives and Records Administration’s General Records Schedule (GRS), and the Department of Energy’s Records Schedule (DOERS) as supplementary guidelines only. They may be used to establish retention for any records not described in the site-specific schedules.


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