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6110 Appendix T2

Special Lock and Tag Removal Procedure



1.0             Purpose


In accordance with Jefferson Lab procedures (ES&H Manual Chapter 6110 Appendix T1 Lock, Tag, Try (LTT) Procedure and ES&H Manual Chapter 6111 Administrative Control Using Locks and Tags) a lock and/or tag is removed only by the original qualified Tagger who placed it on the equipment, or an authorized person in the administrative control scenario. Only when the original qualified Tagger is not physically on-site, or the information is missing or illegible, is this special removal procedure to be utilized.


2.0             Scope


This procedure is used for removing a lock (maintenance or administrative) and/or a tag (maintenance or administrative) when the owner is not physically on-site, or the information is missing or illegible.


3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Anyone at Jefferson Lab

·         Recognize and respect LTT measures.

·         Do not remove any lock or tag except those meeting the exceptions outlined within this appendix.


4.0             Process Steps


Unless otherwise stated anyone at Jefferson Lab may perform the process steps listed below.


Step 1:            Attempt to Locate the Original Qualified Tagger

·         Verify that the original qualified Tagger, if known, is physically not on-site. Make a determined effort to locate the individual by email, telephone, and pager. 


NOTE:  In no case is an email, telephone, or page from the original qualified tagger to be considered as authorization for removal of a lock and/or tag. The “Special Lock and Tag Removal Form” below must be completed.


Step 2:            Walk-through

·         Conduct a walk-through inspection of the system and surrounding area to ensure no one is at risk from restoration of energy.

·         Inform all affected individuals of the pending lock/tag removal.


Step 3:            Affirm Management Agreement

·         Complete the ES&H Manual Chapter 6110 Appendix T2 Special Lock and Tag Removal Form. 

·         Obtain approval signature from:

o   One of the following:

§  Your work group supervisor


§  Your department manager 


o   One of the following (see NOTE below):

§  The original qualified Tagger’s supervisor,


§  The original qualified Tagger’s department manager,


§  The owner or primary manager of the affected equipment.


NOTE: A verbal approval signature (i.e. an email or telephone conversation) is acceptable in critical situations when the approval signature person is away from the laboratory. The conversation must be documented in the corresponding approval signature block, stating when and with whom this conversation took place, or by attachment of a copy of the e-mail. A verbal signature from the original qualified tagger does NOT negate this special lock and tag removal procedure.


Step 4:            Post the Form

·         Display a copy of the completed form on, or closely adjacent to, the equipment


·         Display a copy of the completed form on, or closely adjacent to, the area where the lock/tag was removed (if different than above).


NOTE:  The form(s) must remain in-place until the original qualified Tagger removes it, or all reasonable efforts to identify and/or locate the lock/tag owner have been exhausted; then the equipment owner, with concurrence from the original qualified Tagger’s supervisor (if known), may remove it.


Step 5:            Remove the Lock and Tag

·         Remove the device(s). Exercise caution so as not to damage the components they are attached to. Do not use any tool besides appropriately sized bolt cutters to cut a lock.


Step 6:            Final Communication

·         Immediately – Ensure the original qualified Tagger’s supervisor is notified when removal is complete. 

·         Upon return – The original qualified Tagger’s supervisor notifies the original qualified Tagger of the change in status.



5.0             Revision Summary


Revision 1.5 – 10/23/19 – Updated TPOC from T.Kujawa to T.Fitzgerald

Periodic Review – 03/09/18 – No changes per TPOC

Revision 1.4 – 03/09/15 – Periodic Review; No substantive changes

Revision 1.3 – 02/15/13 – Clarified verbiage; No substantive changes

Revision 1.2 – 05/10/12 – Clarified verbiage; No substantive changes

Revision 1.1 – 12/01/11 – Clarification of process steps and updates made to format. Qualifying periodic review, no substantive changes required.

Revision 1.0 – 04/04/09 – Update to reflect current laboratory operations.









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