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6410 Appendix T2

Laser Requisitioning and Purchasing Requirements



1.0             Purpose


Jefferson Lab has established requisitioning and purchasing protocols to ensure that only approved lasers and associated equipment are used on, for, and around laser systems. This appendix describes how to requisition these items so that the appropriate approvals are obtained prior to assembly, inspection and/or use. 


2.0             Scope


This appendix does not apply to lasers brought on-site under the Experimental Review Process. See ES&H Manual Chapter 3120 The CEBAF Experiment Review Process or ES&H Manual Chapter 3130 The FEL Experiment Review Process for information regarding review and approval of lasers and systems to be used during the performance of an experiment.


This appendix refers to the use of Jefferson Lab’s approved Electronic Requisition System (Maximo) only. If you wish to use a Jefferson Lab P-Card to purchase laser tools and equipment the Laser Safety Officer must pre-authorize the purchase. Unauthorized items purchased on a Jefferson Lab P-Card are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Jefferson Lab’s Administrative Manual – 501 Procurement Policy.


3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Laser Requisitioner

·         Use Account Code 043-015 “Laser Tools & Equip” to purchase lasers and associated equipment (e.g.: laser control devices such as windows, curtains, and enclosure material).

·         Contact the Laser Safety Officer when specialized personal protection equipment (PPE) (e.g.: laser eyewear) is required.


3.2              Division Safety Officer

·         Enforce proper procurement procedures for lasers in your division.


3.3              Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

·         Use Account Code 043-015 “Laser Tools & Equip” to purchase specialized PPE to be used with lasers.  Upon receipt, inspect, and if acceptable, distribute to the requisitioner.

·         Perform an ES&H Review (see below) on all lasers and equipment purchase requests.

·         Approve acceptable procurement requests.


3.4              Procurement

·         Ensure requisitioned lasers and equipment are approved by the LSO.


4.0             Process Steps

Laser Requisitioner performs all process steps outlined below unless otherwise stated.


4.1              Laser and/or Equipment Requisition

Step 1:            Perform a Task Hazard Analysis (THA) for a new or significantly changed laser requirement in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 3210 Work Planning, Control, and Authorization Process to determine its impact before purchase.

Step 2:            Requisition: 

·         Use Jefferson Lab’s approved Electronic Requisition System (Maximo).

·         Use Purchase/Organization/Account (POA) Code 043-015 “Laser Tools & Equip.”


4.2              ES&H ReviewThe following actions are performed by the LSO. 

Approval of the requisition is based on need. Only when all requirements are satisfied is the requisition approved. The following actions are required for the ES&H Review:

·         Review of the hazard classification of the laser.

·         Ensure that appropriate controls can/will be implemented.

·         Ensure the work area(s) is adequate to ensure safety during work. 


4.3              Lasers Obtained Outside of the Procurement Process

Jefferson Lab does not approve of lasers being obtained outside its procurement process; however it does recognize that this may happen. If a laser is “home-built” or obtained from “outside,” no matter what the source, the following process steps are required:


Step 1:            Notify the LSO and request an ES&H Review (described in Section 4.2 above).


Step 2:            Ensure the laser is labeled and used in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Appendix T6 Laser Labeling/Posting Requirements.


5.0             Revision Summary


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