ES&H Manual

Fire Protection Supplement

Chapter 12:

Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Delegation


NOTE: ES&H Manual Chapter 6900 Fire Protection Program provides Jefferson Lab’s policy statement regarding fire protection.


1.0             Purpose


DOE Order 420.1C, Facility Safety, assigns the roles and responsibilities of Fire Protection Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to the Department of Energy Head of Field Elements.  As allowed by DOE-STD-1066-16, Fire Protection, duties pertaining to fire protection at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) may be delegated to a qualified fire protection engineer. The current FIRE PROTECTION PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY letter is dated February 26, 2018.


2.0             TJSO Delegated Authorities


TJSO recognizes different performance levels of AHJ decision-making responsibilities and authorities are necessary to execute DOE fire protection program activities driven by DOE O 420.1C, Facility Safety. Those AHJ authorities, which are not inherently Federal functions as delineated below, are delegated to the Jefferson Lab Fire Marshal. This authority may be further delegated to appropriate subject matter experts within the framework of a DOE O 420.1C compliant Fire Protection Program.


·         Authorities which may be further delegated:

o   Issue permits.

o   Review and approve construction documents and shop drawings.

o   Review and approve modifications as they relate to fire protection and life safety.

o   When required by the building code or standard, review and approve the installation and acceptance testing of new fire protection and life safety features.

o   Perform fire safety acceptance inspections for approval of occupancy of new facilities or those having undergone major modifications.

o   Interpret Building and Fire Codes.


·         Authorities which may not be further delegated:

o   Review and recommend approval of the fire protection and emergency response organization Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA).

o   Forward to DOE for concurrence, determinations for not performing a Fire Hazard Analysis for new facilities which would require one per DOE O 420.1C Attachment 2, Section 3.f.(1).

o   Determine applicability of NFPA codes and standards to site activities.

o   Recommend the TJSO AHJ approve equivalent approaches and alternative methods to Building and Fire Code requirements.

o   Approve minor field compliance conditions.

o   Interpret Building and Fire Codes.


3.0             Minor Field Compliance Conditions Approved by the Jefferson Lab Fire Marshal


·         Field Compliance Conditions Approved  during CY 2016:


o   Test Lab Renovation – Pipes Penetrating Exit Stair 1.

§  Approved Condition: Two steel pipes used for gravity drains pass through the exit stair but do not serve the stair enclosure.  The steel pipes pass through the enclosure under the intermediate landing leading to the basement level, this space is not in the travel path of building occupants.  Both pipes incorporate approved fire stop systems through the rated wall assemblies (masonry).

§  Code Reference: NFPA 101-2012 Life Safety Code; Paragraph (10) and

§  Justification: The existence of the steel pipes in the stair enclosure does not impede egress or represent a hazard in the event of a fire emergency. Exit stair 1 was constructed in the mid 1960’s as a component of the Space Radiation Effects Laboratory (SREL).  During the 2013 building renovation significant improvements were made to the ground level and second level enclosure assemblies, no improvements were accomplished at the basement level, nor were improvements required at this level. Other renovation activities resulted in the need for new gravity drain piping. The existence of the steel pipes in the exit stair satisfies the intent of NFPA 101-2012 paragraph


4.0             Determination of Codes and Standards Applicability to Site Activities



5.0             Revision Summary


Revision 0.3 – 01/03/19 – Periodic Review; updated TPOC from E.Douberly to T.Minga

Revision 0.2 – 06/02/16 – Updated TPOC from T.Minga to E.Douberly

Revision 0.1 – 04/28/14 – Clarification regarding occupancy capacities for tours

Revision 0.0 – 09/17/13 – New content written to reflect current laboratory operations









Fire Protection Department

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