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2014 Physics Seminars

Speaker Title Date
Mark Strikman
Tel-Aviv University
Pennsylvania State University December 08, 2014
Or Hen
Tel-Aviv University
Short-range correlations in imbalanced Fermi systems November 24, 2014
Stephan Paul
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Neutrons and the Early Universe – Highlights and Challenges of a Relationship November 21, 2014
Rainer Novotny
Justus Liebig University Giessen
The Electromagnetic Calorimeters of PANDA November 17, 2014
Sean Tulin
York University
New Signatures of BSM Physics in QCD October 31, 2014
Xun Xue
East China Normal University
Lorentz Violation: Theories and Possible Experimental Tests October 3, 2014
Stan Brodsky
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Novel Tests of Non-Perturbative and Perturbative QCD at JLab August 12, 2014
Maxim Pospelov
Victoria/Perimeter Institute
Light scalar and vector particle extensions of the Standard Model May 16, 2014
James Ritman
Nuclear Physics Institute, Juelich Forschungszentrum
The PANDA Experiment a facility to map out exotic and charmed hadrons April 25, 2014
Marcel Demarteau
Argonne National Laboratory
Status of the Large-Area Pico-second Photodetector Project April 4, 2014
Antimo Palano
JLab, INFN, and University of Bari, Italy
Recent results on charm spectroscopy from LHCb experiment March 28, 2014