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Users Group: Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on February 21, 1997

Opening Remarks, Hermann Grunder

Accelerator Status, Andrew Hutton

Hall Reports:

Kees deJager, Bernhard Mecking, and Roger Carlini gave updates on progress in the Halls (see recent e-mail newsletter).

Physics Computing:

Ian Bird gave an update on the data reduction farm, which has a planned beta 0.9 release in May 1997.

User Space and MOUs, Roy Whitney

  1. Space
    • Current/Expected Space Allocations:
      • 74 Offices w/approx. 2 desks per office (inc. joint appointments) totalling appox. 230 Users; 43 open requests for space
      • By Dec. '97: 150 offices site-wide with a minimum of two people per office equating to 300 total desks.
    • UGBoD Comments:
      • Desire that the Users and staff are sorted in Trailer City and CEBAF Center by common physics interest and not by User/staff status, i.e., would like a homogeneous mix independent of location. This could mean that an entire group would be moving to Trailer City.
    • Chalet:
      • Physics Division will get this in the summer '98 in return for giving up space in the Test Lab-Test Lab space is larger than Chalet. Physics will use half of the Test Lab setup space for the long haul.
    • Counting House:
      • UGBoD mentioned noise problem, particularly the conference room. Roy will investigate with Plant Services.
    • Issues for UGBoD:
      • The UGBoD agreed to support JLab in trying to get the "spaceport," and will wait for guidance from the lab on this matter.
  2. MOUs: An MOU draft was presented for comment. This MOU outlined understanding between an individual user or group with regard to general activities of the research group while at Jefferson Lab as well as general support provided to the group from the Lab.

Upcoming Meetings:

Workshop Notification Problems:

UGBoD members commented that notices for some workshops have been provided at the last minute or not received until after the event. It is requested that a process be instituted to rectify this situation. If attendance is limited due to space then notice/invitation should reflect a need to contact and make reservations. Future workshops will require a minimum of 2 months prior announcement of all details.

Funding Allocations:

Larry Weinstein presented some figures reflecting allocations for universities. Figures appeared out of date. Larry and Don Geesaman will pursue new figures.

Rejected Proposals Discussion

The resubmission of previously rejected proposals was discussed. It was agreed that they are different from new proposals in that they have been reviewed. It was also noted that proposals are rejected based on serious issues. Rejected proposals also enter the "public domain." The UGBoD is not inclined towards an "autopilot" function in cases where proposals are rejected, i.e, substantive changes that warrant resubmission are expected.

Pros and Cons were weighed and discussed. The UGBoD agreed and supported the current appraisal process where if the Director accepts the PAC recommendation for rejection, letters of appeal can be sent to the Director and the Director chooses to take appropriate action. This process will be explicitly defined in the procedures for experiments (PFX).

Washington, Don Geesaman

Don noted that FNAL Users Group's executive committee goes to DC every May as a body. He sees this as a great thing to do and would like to propose that the JLab UGBoD does the same with the proviso that the members are well versed. Less than that would be detrimental. Visitations are made on the basis of informing not lobbying. Also suggested a visit to Congress be schedule with a concurrent meeting at SURA. Scheduling with Congress is limited to a few weeks in advance. Overall suggestions: The UGBoD should continue to become more educated and to move slowly forward. When the opportunity rises for a visit we should be willing and ready to go.

UGBoD Closeout

  1. Space
    • Pleased with factor of 2 increase in more desks

    • Stress continued move towards homogeneous integration of staff and Users.

    • The UGBoD will actively support getting funding for new User "Spaceport."
  2. Funding/DC: UGBoD emphasized that they are ready to assist with trips to D.C. or related potential support activity.
  3. SWIS: The UGBoD requests that the Lab give high priority on changes/upgrades to SWIS, including providing information on what is happening on downtime.
  4. Rejected Proposals: The board recommends that statements made are accepted. Also recommend that same is clearly stated in the call and outlined in the procedures for experiments.
  5. Accelerator Status: A lot was heard on improving energy but not on multibeam operation. If there are problems with regard to multibeam operation, the UGBoD considers the resolution of same a high priority. (It is noted that this was a first priority in an MOU between Physics and Accelerator divisions. Andrew Hutton also noted the multibeam operation is going very well.)
  6. NPES: Request NPES to begin address of issues associated with priority with regards to which experiment is running during multibeam operation.
  7. Acknowledgment is given to a request to avoid Fridays for future UGBoD meetings.