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Jefferson Lab has several mailing lists available to which you may send information or make requests. If you wish to be added to any of these lists, please send your request to: The mailing groups include:

To subscribe to a jlab mailing list, follow these instructions.

CUGAPOSTCEBAF Users Group Job Postings
HALL AHall A Collaboration
HALL BHall B Collaboration
HALL C Hall C Collaboration
JLABSA_GSJLab Graduate Students
JWISEWomen in Science
LOCLPHYS CEBAF Physicists between Richmond, Virginia and Virginia Beach, Virginia
MULTNUC Multi Nucleon Experimental Collaboration
NSTAR N* Group in the CLAS Collaboration
PHOTON Real Photon Collaboration Group
POLPHO Polarized Photon Collaboration
STRNUC Structure of the Nucleon Working Group
TAGGER CLAS Photon Tagger Collaboration
THEORIST CEBAF Theory Working Group and Distribution List

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